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Aargh day something or other!
I call this piece the door to shit-all

This. Is the Doorway.

It is nestled beside my toilet. Down to the right, about a foot high off the ground.

We don’t know why it’s there.
It leads to nowhere. Nowhere but dust. Even the cat doesn’t know what to do with it.

I was going to concoct a story about Borrowers. or Nomes. Or other elfin like creatures.
What if it’s them, scurrying around under my floorboards and not rats?

What if it’s them mucking about with my socks so I have not a single pair that started off together?
What if it’s them moving the peeler to unexpected places so I always spend 20 minutes looking for it without FREAKING fail ALWAYS?

Or perhaps they are the ones that sprinkle fairy dust.

The times my passport does get found even though I left it in a box of sellotape.

Or the tupperware lid matches its box.
I was going to concoct a story.

But it’s Monday 6th January. I had stuff to do.
This is going to be tough…