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My Own Exhibition
The 64 Million Artists challenge this week is to create your own little art exhibition! I set the challenge!
Create your very own exhibition. You could include any previous creations – sculpture, photographs, drawings, paintings, poems – or you could include only what you decide to create now. You could take a different photograph, or do a 5-minute sketch for each day to create an exhibition totally unique to this week. Find a space to exhibit – you could stick them onto your fridge, your wall or leave your creations in a public space to be found as #FreeArt. This challenge is designed to celebrate your individual style, have fun and get creative!
Take a photograph of your exhibition (whatever it looks like, wherever it is, and whatever it contains), and share your creativity with the world.

#MyOwnExhibition #64MillionArtists

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The Weekly Challenge, 14th October 2019 – My Own Exhibition