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The 10th October is #WorldMentalHealthDay. In celebration, this week’s challenge is set by artist Rhiannon Armstrong, whose ‘Slow GIF movement’ seeks to make flashing, jolting and repetitive online spaces more accessible to neurodiverse audiences with calming, gently looping GIFs (short loops of moving images).
What if our GIF culture had an access and wellbeing agenda? What if we created a Slow GIF Movement, what would that be like?
The Poetry Metronome series (find them online by searching Rhiannon Armstrong!) are made from discarded documents and animated into metronomes at 60bpm or less (the average heart rate). And now – it’s over to you, to slow down, and join in.

Create your own ‘Poem Made from Words Found In The Bin’. Find a shred of paper with text on it – either from a shredder, or by cutting a newspaper, magazine or book – and use the letters you can see to create words around your shred. Let your letters lead to words and your words lead to phrases – can you create poetry from shreds of discarded paper? Your poem might celebrate World Mental Health Day, might be a love poem, funny poem, short poem, long poem – it’s up to you.
Can you use GIPHY to turn your poem into a metronome Gif?
Sharing using #slowgifs and #64MillionArtists – have fun!

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