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So I took on the #64millionartists challenge and gave myself 30 seconds to gather some small objects to create a character and then spent a while making this….
#poscapens #newtothismedium #characterbuilding #shouldhavesetanothertimer #allgoodfun The Weekly Challenge, 12th August 2019 – Kick Cartoon

This week’s challenge is a Kick in the Creatives! Kick in the Creatives is a one-stop-shop for all sorts of fun creative challenges happening online, as well as podcasts, Youtube videos and a Facebook Group that explores a shared passion for art and creativity. This week, they challenge you to bring households objects to life, and have some fun with the contents of your cupboards. Knives, forks, tins of baked beans at the ready…! Collect together some small everyday objects such as elastic bands, shoelaces, wool/string, pebbles, buttons, lolly sticks, scissors, corkscrew etc.

Lay the elements out on a table or white sheet of paper and use them to make a little character. Transform your objects into pebbly eyes, wooly hair and button noses – get creative! You could create a face on your character digitally or using a marker, and make a speech/think bubble for the character with your shoelace, string or wool. What could you make your cartoon say? It could be snippets of conversation, a motivational quote or a funny one-liner… Take a photo of your character creation and share using #KickCartoon.
Check out this short video from the Kick in the Creatives team, showing you how they created digital images using free apps:

Share using #KickCartoon #64MillionArtists – have fun!