Lemn Sissay's Challenges

Day 6 – ‘See Through’ Photography



Today’s challenge is from Ginny Koppenhol!

“I’m a portrait photographer from Lancashire, and am 40 years old. I was an Occupational Therapist in mental health services, before I started my own photography business 5 years ago. I love to promote creativity, especially in adults who may be fearful of trying new things or lost the art of play. I have a big fancy camera, but find that my smartphone allows me to be more spontaneous and creative on a day to day front. I always have my smartphone and can whip it out whenever I see something that inspires me. As a result, I find I take more notice of what’s around me and am more mindful.”


Find some ‘see through’ things around you, anything at all! Perhaps it’s a glass, a net curtain, a toilet roll tube or paper with holes punched out. Take a moment to play with it – how does it feel, what are the colours and textures you sense when you hold or ‘see through’ it. If you like, take a photograph through the things that you have found. You may get interesting colour effects, maybe added texture, or interesting shapes.

What do you find on the other side? 

You can watch Ginny’s video or read the transcript here.

A screenshot of a Youtube video featuring a 40 year old white woman


Could you challenge somebody to guess what your photograph is ‘seeing through’?


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