Lemn Sissay's Challenges

Day 5 – Leading Words

Today’s challenge is from Natalie Tharraleos!

“I am 55 years young and live in Harehills Leeds. I like to do anything that inspires people’s creativity, unites people and uplifts communities. I believe many of our current systems need reorganization and to evolve from listening to people and responding to the needs of communities. I believe art gives everyone a voice.”


You wake up and find you have been given leadership of your country, and you can choose to organise the nation however you like, with whatever values you feel passionate about. You are about to make your first speech to everyone. They’ve asked you to make it in the style of a rap, a rhyme or a poem that will last up to 5 minutes. Choose any style you like. It doesn’t have to rhyme!


How could you bring an element of your speech to life today? Who would you like to hear it?


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Get your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours involved by sharing your speech!