Lemn Sissay's Challenges

Day 27 – Write a Letter

As we approach the end of The January Challenge 2021, today’s challenge is from The Foundling Museum.

“The Foundling Hospital was founded in 1739 to care for children at risk of abandonment. It was the UK’s first children’s charity and continues as the children’s charity Coram. The Foundling Hospital also became the UK’s first public art gallery. The Foundling Museum continues this creative mission, by transforming the lives of very disadvantaged children through the arts, and it is proud to have Lemn Sissay as a Trustee.”


Write a letter! 

To help you get started, you might like to think about someone that you miss, and a special memory that you share. Think about the objects, sounds, smells and sights from that memory, and write your letter to that person. You could decorate your letter with photographs, doodles or a collage that captures that memory. 

If you would like to, send your letter by post, email or by sending them a message. Invite them to send a letter with their memories back to you! 

The Foundling Museum is full of objects that hold special memories, and tell different stories. You can find out more about their collection here, and find other creative activities from The Foundling Museum here


If you were going to write a letter to yourself today, what would you say?


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