Lemn Sissay's Challenges

Day 26 – A Patch in Time

Today’s challenge is from Arizona Smith.

“Hey! I’m Arizona I’m a self taught artist (@arizonathecat) from London and I’m 27. I make art and also run @thelurnerprize. I’m passionate about creativity as a tool for internal change, a form of healing available to everyone. This is something I’ve found helpful as a concept and an activity. Big up yourself you are a hero!”

Create a patch, or a badge, that symbolises a certain time in your life.
You might choose a time in your life that has helped you to learn something or grow, you might choose something big, small or something in between. Anything goes!

You can make the patch out of paper, fabric or design it on a computer. You could decorate it using the materials around you – pens, pencils, glue, paper, material – or even by glueing down materials like rice or pasta.

Watch Arizona’s video, or read the full transcript here.










How did you approach today’s challenge? What wisdom have you learnt from the experience you were representing with your patch?

Get your friends and family involved! Share your responses with them and get them involved – it’s never too late to invite them to sign up!

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