Lemn Sissay's Challenges

Day 14 – Blowing Bubbles


Lemn Sissay said this about today’s challenge –
“It’s a really creative one, that I just could not have thought of!”

Day 14, we’re ready for you…let’s go!

“I am 6 years old and I have Sierra Leonean heritage. I like practicing handstands, painting and reading.”


Sarah loves blowing bubbles! Today, your challenge is to blow bubbles in different mixtures – you will sound like Elephants stampeding in a puddle! Blow your bubbles with a straw, or simply by blowing into your glass or cup. Like Sarah, you could blow bubbles in apple juice, in water, or even in soapy water (but be careful not to drink the soapy water…) – what do the different mixtures sound like? What does it sound like if you hum instead of blow?

You could also make your own bubble blower by dipping things like paper clips, cookie cutters or pipe cleaners into soapy water and blowing through it. What do you have near you that you could use?

Click below to listen to Sarah telling you all about her challenge! You can find the full transcript here.




Sarah thinks that blowing bubbles sounds like elephants stampeding in a puddle! What do you imagine it sounds like?


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