Lemn Sissay's Challenges

Day 12 – Black out Poem


To take us into Tuesday – it’s over to Caroline Ridley-Duff!

“I’m 53 years old, mum of 2 grown up kids (and 2 cats) When I’m not creating collages, poems and stories, I am out running (or baking cakes in the kitchen!). I have had great fun experimenting with blackout poetry and I find it can be a fun challenge to be creative when you are working with built-in constraints.  I love creating something new out of something old and I find it can be very relaxing to just play with words and sentences!”


Find a pen and a page from a magazine or newspaper, or even something you’ve written. Blackout all but a few select words so that you are left with a ‘poem.’ You can think carefully about which words you want to keep or you can be totally random about it. It’s up to you. 

“Maybe the ‘poem’ you create will inspire you in other ways – perhaps to draw a picture or to turn it into a story, a longer poem or even a song. Just have fun playing with words and creating something new out of something old.


Did you change the meaning of the words you were using? Did your poem surprise you?


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