Lemn Sissay's Challenges

Day 30 – Shhh!


We’re coming to the end of The January Challenge 2021…but not just yet! 

Today’s challenge is from Rupinder Dulay.

“I’m very old but with lots of imagination in South west Scotland. Poetry inspires me and takes me to another world. I like to build homes in the woods for fairies using only found materials with poems hidden inside. Can you hide a poem somewhere?”


Find somewhere – anywhere – to hide a poem. Perhaps it’s the ‘Recipe for Happiness’ poem that you made yesterday! Like Rupinder, you could create a magical place outside to hide your poem, or you could hide your poem in a letter, in a sock, or even in a mug ready for somebody to find when they make a cup of tea. 


Who do you hope will find your poem? How would you like them to feel?


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Share your poem with its future owner!