Jess Thom's Challenges

Day 9 – Mindful Potatoes


Day 9, and we’re feeling fine. Today, we’re printing! 

“I’m 57 (yes, really!). I have developed this idea with my littlun – who is 7. Their idea was to fire tic tacs out of your mouth onto a piece of paper covered in glue, and see what sticks! We are from Northumberland. We like to do allsorts. This challenge involves simple things, mindfulness and positivity.”


Find something to make a print with – it could be your hand, your fingerprints, a leaf, or…a potato! Dip your tool in something colourful to print with – it could be paint, cold tea or coffee, make-up or even tomato ketchup! What can you find?

Breathe in, mindfully, as you dip your tool into the paint. Breathe out, mindfully, as you print it on the paper. Repeat. Notice the little differences, changes and consistencies of the pictures. Notice how thick the paint is, and how vibrant the colours are. Where will you display your printed picture?


How did you feel when you were doing this challenge? Are you pleased with your print? 


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Get your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours involved by sharing your prints with them.