Jess Thom's Challenges

Day 5 – Thinking Inside the Box


Day 5 is here! And today, it’s over to Catherine Lounsbach. 

“I’m almost 60, young at heart and live in Nantwich, Cheshire. Creating art is my therapy, anything from painting on tea bags to making nature-based jewelry, but miniatures are my passion! I’ve chosen this challenge as I have a passion for small things, and making the usual unusual.”


Create something small enough that you could fit it in a matchbox! Catherine creates little models and scenes inside matchboxes, using any materials she can find around her. Can you create your own tiny scene?

If you can’t find a box, think outside the box! You could use a mini jam jar, or a sardine tin – or just create a tiny scene and leave it in an unusual place… 


Catherine likes to make the usual, unusual! What are the tiny details that help to make your tiny scene?


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Get your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours involved by sharing your tiny creations with them.