Jess Thom's Challenges

Day 4 – Part Time Superhero


It’s Monday morning – and it’s time to kickstart your superpowers! 

“Hi! I’m Anna from Finland. Last spring, at the age of 37, I was diagnosed with ADHD. It was such a relief for me and it explained a lot of my past experiences. I love arts and crafts. Creative problem solving is my passion. It’s my neurodivergent superpower! Be proud of who you are!”


What is something about you that you could turn into a superpower? You could choose a trait that you have, a diagnosis or a symptom – and you might choose one that you feel is a disadvantage for you. If this was a superpower, how would it make the world a better place? How might it help others? Capture your superpower in a picture or comic strip, or in writing. 

Jess Thom is a writer, comedian and a Part-Time Superhero. Jess’ superpower is Tourettes Syndrome, a ‘crazy language-generating machine’ and a source of spontaneous creativity! 


How will you remind yourself that you have a superpower throughout the week?


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Get your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours involved by sharing your superpowers with them. What are their superpowers?