Jess Thom's Challenges

Day 31 – Jar of Possibillity


Today is the last day of The January Challenge 2021! We’ve spent a whole month getting creative – exploring everything from shadows to toes to birds. We hope you’ve had fun, and we hope you’ll continue finding the creativity everyday. 

Today’s challenge is from Samantha, and is designed to inspire you to keep creating in new and surprising ways. Over to you, Samantha…

“My name is Samantha, I am an artist living in Ramsey, Cambridgeshire. I love to create abstract art based on my journey through the criminal justice system. I am 51 years old. I have chosen this challenge as in my own personal experience it has helped me not only with my art, but recently through lockdown I adapted it to help me prioritise my mental thoughts to achieve desired goals, without feeling overwhelmed.”


Create a prompt jar filled with a range of different ideas to inspire your creativity. It might be prompts to inspire drawings and painting like “add dots” or “add a new colour” – or writing prompts like “introduce a new character.” Or, it might be a collection of creative challenges you would like to try again, or you didn’t get round to this month. You could make up some new ones based on your favourites! What would you love to learn or have a go at, but never find the time to get round to? 

Create a collection that you can keep coming back to and adding to. Keep your creativity flowing! 


What has been a highlight of the last month for you? What can you do to help you to keep getting creative everyday? 


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