Jess Thom's Challenges

Day 3 – Pocket of Hope

For Day 3, it’s over to “It’s Not Your Birthday, But…” – an organisation that believes in the power of letters, words and visual arts to bring people together, challenge assumptions and build empathy.

“We’ve chosen this challenge to encourage proactive sharing of what gives us hope. We love the idea that people will take time to consider what gives them hope or someone in their life (friend, colleague, neighbour) who could benefit from receiving an unexpected Pocket of Hope through their letterbox.” 


Make a Pocket of Hope. Decorate a piece of paper with words, images, marks or colour that will give you or someone else hope or joy. Keep it in your pocket, purse, wallet, bag or somewhere to find whenever you like. You could make one for someone you know to carry with them and include things you know they like or enjoy. Think of it as a visual or written pick-me-up that can be used repeatedly as needed! 

“An uplifting, creative tonic which has no limit on its dosage.”

You can find video instructions to make a folded Pocket of Hope here! Remember, this is just one suggestion. Create your Pocket of Hope however you like. 


What are your hopes for the year ahead?


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You could send a friend their own Pocket of Hope!