Jess Thom's Challenges

Day 26 – A New Perspective

Today’s challenge is from Emma Rucastle!

“I’m a freelance creative practitioner based in Lancaster. I love working in theatre, especially in community settings and with young people. I also love the January Challenge! I think looking at the world in as many different ways as possible is fundamental to the kind, curious and brave society we all need.”

Find A New Angle! Choose a place you know well – inside or outside.

Can you find a way to experience it in a different way? You could look at it through something, or stand, lie or sit somewhere different. What are the new sounds, smells and textures you experience from your new angle?

Spend 5 minutes (or more) from your new angle, and then capture what you notice – especially anything new. You could take a photograph, draw or write.

Watch Emma’s video, or read the full transcript here.

A screenshot of a youtube video featuring a white woman with brown hair.

Do you think you could find tiny ways to shift your perspective throughout the day today? Do you notice anything different about your day?

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