Jess Thom's Challenges

Day 25 – Epic Battle


It’s Monday and this week is kicking off with an epic battle…

Today’s challenge is from the students at The Lindfield School, part of The Southfield Trust.

“We have done a couple of The January Challenge challenges with pupils previously which they have loved!”

Imagine an epic battle between a superhero and a mythical beast! Design and create your characters, name them and describe a battle between the two.

Why are they battling? What are they battling about? Do they have particular powers? Who will win and why? You could draw, write, or create a 3D model using the materials around you.

If you have extra time, you could make a mini film like the students at Lindfield School!
Find their examples here and here!

[Media description 1: Larry King Lobster vs Fish Head Man! A hand painted orange lobster quickly approaches and swallows up a smaller figure with a fish head. They are against a blue backdrop.
Media description 2: The Abominable Snowman vs The Multitude Army! A white snowman figure with long arms is approached and knocked over by an army of several paper cut out figures! They are against a green backdrop.]

If you could choose your own superpower – what would you choose?

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Get your friends and family involved! Share your responses with them and get them involved – it’s never too late to invite them to sign up!