Jess Thom's Challenges

Day 23 – Make a Stink


What’s that smell….? It’s Day 23!
Thank you Julia for some Saturday inspiration.

“I’m Julia Collar. I’m passionate about sensory communication and creativity, and the ways in which they support mental wellbeing. Sensory creativity helps build people’s personal understanding of ways to regulate and manage through big feelings. I’ve chosen this challenge because it is suitable for all ages and also to those experiencing loss of smell due to illness, including COVID-19, or brain injury. My favourite smell is coffee!”

Make a stink for someone you love!

Perhaps it’s a scent that will remind them of a happy memory you shared, or perhaps it’s a smell you think they’ll like. You could create a keep-sake by using recycled jars or pots – or even make a ‘Smell Library.’ You could brew a mug of their favourite drink, smell a piece of fabric such as a jumper, share sweets or a spritz of perfume or aftershave.

If you’re not with that person, can you describe the smell, or reflect on what the smell reminds you of?

What is your favourite smell? What does it remind you of?

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