Jess Thom's Challenges

Day 2 – Hidden Faces


Today’s challenge is from Pearl, who invites you to get creative with the shapes and spaces around you…

“I’m Pearl, 37 years old and I’m from Dublin Ireland. Photography is my passion and I’m self taught. I often use photography for challenges but I also love the push to make or draw things. I love finding faces in things. Look around and see if you can see!”


Sometimes objects are arranged in ways in which they start to look like something else! Pearl challenges you to find faces in the objects around you by looking for or feeling them. Search for hidden faces, or arrange the objects into a face. What expression is the face pulling? Photograph or describe your hidden face! 


If the face could make a noise, what would it sound like?


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Get your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours involved by sharing your photographs, descriptions or doodles with them.