Jess Thom's Challenges

Day 18 – Shapes and Shadows


It’s the start of a brand new week – and here comes a brand new challenge. Let’s get this week off to a good start!

Today’s challenge is from Kathie Toibin.

“I am 88 years old, and a retired teacher from California. I am always finding shapes & objects in many things & I did several different learning projects when I was a teacher.”

What shapes can you find in shadows? Today’s challenge is to get playful with light and shade.

You could create shadows on walls and make shapes with your hands, or using objects like forks or keys. You could create a shadow puppet by cutting a shape out of paper – or even use the shape of a shadow to inspire a new character!

Here’s some inspiration from Kathie:

“If your arms have limited mobility like mine, lay straws or pencils across a glass (it will work!) and see what you can find. I saw a mountain with an elephant!”
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What new shapes did you find? What stories did they tell?

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