Jess Thom's Challenges

Day 16 – A Patch in Time


We’re just over half way through this journey – and today’s challenge is all about reflecting on another journey.

Remember: don’t worry if you can’t do the challenges every day, we’ll send you a summary list of ALL of the challenges at the end.

Over to Arizona!

“Hey! I’m Arizona I’m a self taught artist from and in London, I’m 27. I make art and also run @thelurnerprize. I’m passionate about creativity as a tool for internal change, a form of healing available to everyone. This is something I’ve found helpful as a concept and an activity. Big up yourself you are a hero!”


Create a patch that symbolises a certain time in your life. You might choose a time in your life that has helped you to learn something or grow.

You can make the patch out of paper, fabric or design it on a computer. You could decorate it using the materials around you – pens, pencils, glue, paper, material – or even by glueing down materials like rice or pasta.

“Once the patch is done exhibit it with pride or sew it deep into your jacket for secret love.“
Watch Arizona’s video, or read the full transcript here.

Watch Arizona’s video, or read the full transcript here.


How did you approach today’s challenge? Where will you keep your patch?


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