Jess Thom's Challenges

Day 10 – A Story Retold


It’s Day 10 – and today we’re getting creative with our favourite stories from childhood… 

“I am James, I am 28 and I am from Kent. Creating things is the most fun I can have whether it’s cooking, editing or building – if I’m creating, I’m having fun. To look at something from a different perspective is the first step to a broader, more open mind which leads to a wiser, more understanding You.”


Take your favourite childhood book, and reimagine the story from a different character’s perspective. Try and choose a lesser known character, or one that you wish you knew more about. How does their perspective change the story? If they are an evil character, do you see a good side? If they are a quiet character, do we learn more about them?

You could capture your reimagined story in writing, a cartoon doodle or by telling somebody. It can be as serious or silly as you like.
Don’t take too long! What comes to your mind?

Find James’ example here!


What do you think of as the greatest lesson you’ve learnt from a book or a story? 


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