Jess Thom's Challenges

Day 1 – Conversations with a Lamp post


Welcome to Day 1 of The January Challenge – 31 days of creative challenges to kickstart your year.

Hundreds of people of all ages and backgrounds across the country have sent us their creative challenge ideas – and Jess Thom is one of the three inspiring creative people who have helped us to choose them. You’ve chosen to take part in Jess’ favourite challenges!

Day 1 is designed by Jess herself. Let’s get started!

Having Tourettes Syndrome means that Jess notices details in the world that she might not otherwise. This includes chatting to the lamp post outside her bedroom window every night! Have a conversation with a familiar object in your area. What will you say to it? What will it say back?

Capture your conversation in writing or a doodle. 

This video is audio described. To watch Jess explain her challenge ‘Conversations with a lamp post’ or to read the transcript click here.


What do you think the objects around you would have noticed about the year 2020? What sort of conversations do you hope to have about 2021?

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Get your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours involved by sharing your conversations with them.