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Here’s what Jess Thom said about today’s challenge –
“This challenge got me thinking and inspired me!”

Day 14 we’re ready for you…let’s go!

“When I’m outside, I see shapes in the clouds, and in the natural forms of flowers, leaves and landscapes. When I’m rummaging around antique & vintage fairs, I love the variety of shapes, patterns & styles used during the different era’s of design.”


“Do you remember learning about different shapes at school? Circles, Squares, Triangles, Rectangles – or fancier shapes like Rhombus, Trapezoid, Hearts and Stars!”

Spend a few minutes inventing your own shape. Give it a name, and explain the name you have chosen and any special meaning. Is it angular, rounded, 2D or 3D? How many sides does it have – or does it not have sides at all? Fill a page with your chosen shape – either one big one, or lots of them, either the same size or different sizes.

If you have time, decorate your shape! Fill it, or surround it with colour, images, texture, pattern, or text.

You can watch Charlotte telling you all about her challenge, and read the full transcript here.


Can you spot your new shape in anything around you? What does it remind you of?


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