The Weekly Challenge

I am part of a company called On Purpose - a community that puts purpose before profit within organisations. I would like to create a Weekly Challenge for a broader audience to also engage on the 'Living On Purpose' challenge. I would like to encourage people to write down on a sheet of paper what is their purpose in life/ or what is the purpose their are currently engaged with. I feel that when we write it down and show to the world we can move forward with more confidence and support as we realize we are not alone; we are part of a community that also wants to bring positive change to the world. I thought about the people who planted all these daffodil bulbs in the ground years ago for others to now enjoy. Welcome to the very first Weekly Challenge of the year! Do: Make an acrostic poem with your name to describe yourself. Write your name out vertically down the page and use the letter to start off your sentence. What can you make with you name? Remember don't worry about it being good. Share whatever you want to about you. Don't spend longer than 5-10 minutes. Have some fun! Think: How was using your name as the framework for your poem? Did you find it helpful or restrictive? Did you find any new adjectives to describe yourself? Share: Share your poem with us. Don't forget to tell us what it was like doing it. You can tag #64MillionArtists or mention us. If you have more time ... Try your last name too. You could continue on from your last poem or start afresh.