The January Challenge 2021!

The January Challenge is 31 days of creative challenges for each day of the month.

This year, challenges have been submitted by the public and selected by our creative collaborators Lemn Sissay, Yomi Adegoke, and Jess Thom AKA Touretteshero. Find more on our collaborators here!

Click on the images to find today’s challenge. Choose the challenge that you would like to take part in, and take part however you like – there is no right or wrong way to respond! 

Click on the images below and choose your adventure…  

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What is a Creative Challenge?

Here are some examples; pretend you’re the world’s greatest songwriter, what’s the opening line of your next hit song? Can you take a photograph of something small, to make it look big? Can you draw 5 faces in 5 minutes? 

A creative challenge is a playful prompt to inspire accessible creative action. Challenges are varied and explore all sorts of creative forms from dancing to writing and building to exploring.

A challenge should take you no longer than 5 or 10 minutes, and shouldn’t require any materials that you aren’t likely to have around you. 

Every year, we crowdsource the challenges – meaning all of the ideas you’ll be sent in January have been thought up by a member of the public!

Improve employee engagement and support wellbeing with The January Challenge.

Boost collaboration, connection and creativity for your staff, visitors, students and patients. 

All challenges are free to take part in. They encourage self reflection but also connection to the community and teamwork.

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"I found that the challenges affect my thinking in a positive way and I am more inclined to improvise, experiment and bring fun into whatever tasks I am involved in. Whether I'm problem-solving, planning what to make for tea, choosing clothes, or whatever else I'm dealing with, I seem to have more creative energy when I'm doing this challenge..."
The January Challenge Participant