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The January Challenge 2021!

31 days of quick, fun and FREE creative challenges to start your year!

Create to Connect

COVID-19 presented sudden and unexpected challenges that many of us have never had to navigate before.

The January Challenge 2020

For each of the 31 days in January, 64 Million Artists release a short, fun, creative challenge – and invite anybody and everybody to have a go.

An Exhibition of Ourselves

Create your very own mini exhibition about yourself or a group

The Weekly Challenge

One challenge a week to release your inner artist

A Month of Creativity

31 challenges to complete in turn

The Inspiration Bank

Bitesize ideas to inspire you or free up your creativity

Session Plans

Creative sessions you can run with a group – in your workplace, school, care home or local café.

‘How To’ Videos

Short films showing you how to make and do all sorts of things, or simply free up your creativity

The January Challenge 2019

Kickstart 2019 by taking part in our celebrated creativity programme!