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Create to Connect, Day 4 – Little box of Calm

YoungMinds are leading the fight for young people’s mental health. Right now, at a time when so many young people’s lives have been turned upside down, they’re working to make sure young people get the best possible mental health support, and know that whatever they’re going through, they are not alone.

Find and gather things that help you to feel calm, or that engage your senses. You might choose a scented candle, your favourite picture or snack, cards, a book, a bit of play dough or soft material – you could even capture your favourite music by writing down the lyrics or a drawing of the album cover. Put your objects into a box so you can come back to them any time you want to relax and feel calm. You could add other objects to your box as the month goes on!
Eve, a young blogger for YoungMinds has written about their soothing box, and you can find more tips here.

If you have more time …
Ask a friend what they would put in their Little Box of Calm. Have a conversation about the things that help you feel relaxed and calm – share your playlists, book or film recommendations, or any mindfulness tips you might have.

What was it like to put your box together? How did you feel before and after this challenge?

If you’re struggling with how lockdown is making you feel visit

Share your work in a way that works for you – online or offline. You could join our friendly Facebook group, keep a journal, share in a WhatsApp group, with your friends and family, or on social media. The choice is yours.

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