Create to Connect

Create to Connect, Day 4 – Window to the World

Today we are exploring ways to hello. We’ve seen rainbows popping up in windows that have bought us smiles and a sense of community. Use today’s challenge to add some colour and creativity to your street! Let’s #CreatetoConnect.

Create a gallery in your window. What do you want to share with the world? What would you like your neighbours to see? Create some colourful art, a positive slogan, a post-it smiley face, a knitted banner, a lego rainbow – whatever you like. What will you put on your Window to the World?

If you have more time …
Invite others to join you in creating their own window gallery. How could you share the invitation in your window? Keep your eyes peeled for other window galleries near you…!

What does community mean to you? What has this challenge made you think about, or reflect on? How else have you found ways to say ‘hello’ to the people around you?

Share your work in a way that suits you – online, or offline.
If you are sharing on social media, tag us and tag a friend to join you!
Search #CreateToConnect to see what others are up to.