Create to Connect

Create to Connect, Day 23 – Curate to Connect

Art UK is the online home for every public art collection in the UK. Their website,, makes art available for everyone – for enjoyment, learning and research. Exciting opportunity in the ‘If you have more time’ section!

How could you make a part of your home an exhibition space? Choose an area (or a few) and curate a home art exhibition featuring your ‘Favourite Things’. Pick around 5 objects and display them. For each object, write on a piece of paper: what it is; when you acquired it; why it’s one of your favourite things. Your exhibition is complete!

If you have more time … 
Turn your real life exhibition into a digital showcase by using Art UK’s brand new Curations tool. Find the simple instructions at and curate your own exhibition inspired by your favourite things.

What made you choose the objects in your exhibition? How does it feel to curate your space?

Share your work in a way that works for you – online or offline. You could join our friendly Facebook group, keep a journal, share in a WhatsApp group, with your friends and family, or on social media. The choice is yours.

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