Create to Connect

Create to Connect, Day 13 – Furry Face

Today’s challenge is set by Gateshead Libraries, Arts & Heritage service. They encourage the love of reading, learning about your local heritage and exploring your creativity through arts activities. This activity is inspired by Art Diamonds, a creative programme of arts activities and events for people of retirement age in Gateshead.

Create an animal face. You could use old magazines and newspapers, scrap paper, or cloth to make a collage of an animal you like. Or, use the objects around you to make an animal face appear, it could be a cat with shoelaces for whiskers, or a giraffe with a long scarf for a neck. It could be an animal that none of us have ever met! 

If you have more time … 
Make a friend for your animal. Will the friend be the same species or a different animal altogether? Put them together and see if they get on.

If you were an animal what would you be? What words would you use to describe your animal face?

Share your work in a way that works for you – online or offline. You could join our friendly Facebook group, keep a journal, share in a WhatsApp group, with your friends and family, or on social media. The choice is yours.

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