Create to Connect

Create to Connect, Day 14 – #CreateToConnect

Today is the final day of Create to Connect – two weeks of mini creative challenges to keep us doing, thinking and sharing at home. If you don’t receive the daily emails, pop us an email at to get involved with the next steps.

Write an acrostic poem that spells out ‘Create To Connect.’ Start by writing ‘Create To Connect’ vertically on your page and use each letter to inspire each line of your poem. Your poem might be about what you think ‘Create To Connect’ means, or you might use it to share what you’ve been thinking about. Find a way to share your poem and connect with somebody else. Could you post it to your neighbour? Could you put it up in your window? Could you give it to somebody that you live with, or take a photo and send it on Whatsapp, email, or post in our Facebook group?

If you have more time …
Look back over the last two week of challenges. You can find them here. Re-do one of your favourites, one that you’ve missed or one that you want to try differently.

The way in which we communicate and connect with others has shifted in recent weeks. Where have you found moments of connection? What has been the special recipe for that moment of connection?

Share your work in a way that suits you – online, or offline.
If you are sharing on social media, tag us and tag a friend to join you!
Search #CreateToConnect to see what others are up to.