Get down

Potted history

DO: Can you write your life story in just three sentences?


DO: Your task is to pay a stranger a compliment.

Mind map

DO: Your challenge is to create a mind map in 3 minutes.

Bottle it up

DO: What’s the most inventive use you can make of an old, empty bottle?

Paper plane

DO: Make a paper aeroplane and see how far you can fly it.


DO: Collect items to create a collage.

Get down

DO: Put on some music and do a dance that you associate with your culture or personality.

Bursting with health

DO: Take a photo of, or with something that represents ‘good health’ – try not to overthink it, just use whatever comes to mind!


DO: Create your own superhero and consider the superhuman powers that they might have.

Random act of kindness

DO: Go outside, move away from your desk or your current position, and perform a random act of kindness.

A to Z

DO: Go for a walk and photograph or collect as many items as you can in under 15 minutes, each starting with a different letter of the alphabet.