Yomi Adegoke’s Challenges

Day 31 – Gass Gyal Gass!

Today is the last day of The January Challenge 2021!

Day 30 – Past, Present, Future

It’s Saturday 30th January 2021…but not in your imagination!

Day 29 – Recipe for Happiness

Today, it’s over to Kerstin Roshay!

Day 28 – All Sorts of Days

It’s Thursday 28th January, and Ben’s turn to set a challenge!

Day 27 – Wrapped Up

Today, it’s over to Amanda!

Day 26 – Story Swap

Today’s challenge is from Mulualem – find something to write with, and let’s get started… “I’m Mulualem Getachew and I’m a script writer, director and actor.

Day 25 – Pocket of Hope

  We’re in the last week of The January Challenge!

Day 24 – Freestyle

It’s Sunday!

Day 23 – A Story Retold

It’s Saturday, and time to create a new happy ending… “I am James, I am 28 and I am from Kent.

Day 22 – Poem of Love

  It’s Friday!