The January Challenge 2022

We are Culture – Day 3 – Leaf Printing

Today’s challenge is from Alan, who is a member of the Element Young Creatives.

We are Connected – Day 3 – Connect and Create

Today’s challenge has been inspired by all sorts of ideas that were sent to us, and that came out of creative workshops.

We are Culture – Day 2 – Why I Love…

Today, it’s over to Louise Prince “Recently I responded to “Why I Love London”  and found it a really useful exercise as it drew an immediate response”   Do Think of a place or location that is important to you.

We are Human – Day 2 – The Marks We Make

Today’s challenge is from Julia Underwood!

We are Connected – Day 2 – Quiz

Today’s challenge is from NAPA.

We Are Human – Day 1 – One Line Self Portrait

Today’s challenge is from Pearl!

We are Culture – Day 1 – 2022

Today’s challenges is from Helen Carter-Shaw!

We are Connected – Day 1 – Cut and Paste

64 Million Artists ran a workshop with some of the ‘You Okay, Doc?

We are Human – Day 3 – Map Your Mind

Today’s Challenge is from Graeae BEYOND artist – Heather Ashley.