Lemn Sissay’s Challenges

Day 31 – Pass it On

Today is the last day of The January Challenge 2021!

Day 30 – Shhh!

  We’re coming to the end of The January Challenge 2021…but not just yet!

Day 29 – Recipe for Happiness

Today, it’s over to Kerstin Roshay!

Day 28 – A Mundane Conversation

15 Today’s challenge is from Jenna Brook!

Day 27 – Write a Letter

As we approach the end of The January Challenge 2021, today’s challenge is from The Foundling Museum.

Day 26 – A Patch in Time

Today’s challenge is from Arizona Smith.

Day 25 – Stacks of Socks

  It’s Monday morning and the start of the last week of The January Challenge.

Day 24 – Local Explorer

  Sunday’s are for adventures!

Day 23 – A Musical Moment

  It’s Saturday, and time for a little musical moment…over to Nick Hoad, from Kent.

Day 22 – Poem of Love

  It’s Friday!