Jess Thom’s Challenges

Day 31 – Jar of Possibillity

  Today is the last day of The January Challenge 2021!

Day 30 – Hello World!

We’re coming to the end of The January Challenge.

Day 29 – Recipe for Happiness

Today, it’s over to Kerstin Roshay!

Day 28 – Wearable Art

We’re nearing the end of The January Challenge – today, create something to keep with us!

Day 27 – Twinkle Toes

Today’s challenge is from Clare Green… “I’m Clare, I’m 52 and from Leeds.

Day 26 – A New Perspective

Today’s challenge is from Emma Rucastle!

Day 25 – Epic Battle

  It’s Monday and this week is kicking off with an epic battle… Today’s challenge is from the students at The Lindfield School, part of The Southfield Trust.

Day 24 – Finding Light

It’s the 24th January.

Day 23 – Make a Stink

  What’s that smell….

Day 22 – Poem of Love

  It’s Friday!