The Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge, 15th October – Meals of Tomorrow


As our population expands and our climate changes, what does the future of food look like? Can we feed the world in a way that is efficient and sustainable? Is local produce and seasonal eating the way forward, or do 3.5 million UK vegans have the answer? And what about the benefits of protein alternatives such as eating insects? Picking up on their most recent event Meals of Tomorrow at StreetLife in Hackney London, Guerilla Science invites you to…


Invent your Meal of Tomorrow! The goal is to make this meal as environmentally friendly as possible, try vegetarian ingredients or substitutes like tempeh or tofu, go seasonal, go local, go organic – or you can invent entirely new ingredients of the future. Prepare the buffet of your imagination – write a recipe, draw it, make a collage or sculpt the sustenance!


If you have more time … 
Cook it and tuck in with friends and family!


What makes food sustainable and environmentally friendly? What foods are resource heavy or resource light? How far does food travel from source to supermarket to your plate?


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Guerilla Science creates science-inspired experiences and installations in unexpected places. They are dedicated to connecting people with science in new ways and producing live experiences that entertain, inspire, challenge and amaze.