The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 4th October 2021 – Connect to Create

Last week we reflected on the value of creativity in our lives through the pandemic. This week we continue that thought as we share with you our Connect to Create: Long Covid creative support programme. 


Earlier this year we ran this creative support programme for those with on-going symptoms of Covid 19, designed to provide a platform for sharing experiences and positive points of connection through gentle creative stimulation.


Connect to Create was co-designed with Monique Jackson, artist, Long Covid advocate and creator of the ‘Still Ill Corona Diary’ – a visual journal of Monique’s experience falling ill with Covid 19 in March 2020 and the ongoing symptoms. This week we bring you one of Monique’s activities from the programme. . 


Read more about the Connect to Create programme:


“2020 was a tough year, particularly for those suffering from illness. Keeping a creative practice helped me reconnect with my emotions after periods of feeling overwhelmed from Long Covid and the changing pandemic. Hopefully this challenge will provoke your imagination and inspire different ways to be playful and express how you experience the world.” Monique Jackson



Where can you find examples of nature or the natural world near you, now in 2021?

Can you hear birdsong? Can you feel a breeze through your window? Can you see dog poo?

Once you have decided on your example, capture what you find.

You could take a photo, a sound recording or draw the scene – then write a sentence about how you feel connected with nature.


If you have more time…

Capture more than one example of nature in your surroundings. Can you create a scene that includes them all?



“We are Nature” A Connect to Create Participant 

Has your relationship with the natural world changed during the pandemic?



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