The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 20th September 2021 – Colour Association

This Friday 24th December it’s the National Day of Arts in Care Homes! To celebrate, this week’s challenge is coming to you from a resident in an East Sussex care home. 64 Million Artists partnered with Everyday Creativity to run a creative workshop exploring the creativity of residents. Thank you to resident John and Activities Coordinator Jade at Saxonwood Care Home. We are all excited to see your responses.

Arts In Care Homes is a project run by National Activity Providers Association and with a National Day every year they celebrate the wealth of arts activities taking place in Care Homes across England and the positive impact this has on the wellbeing and motivation of residents. 

Everyday Creativity is a Sussex based project. They are community artists collaborating with older people and carers, creating ‘in the moment’, inclusive, sensory based interactions, to reduce isolation and improve wellbeing.


We hope that people inside and outside of care homes take part all over the country.



Think about how you are feeling right now. 

Can you think of a colour that represents that emotion? 


Once you have decided on your colour, pick four different things that you associate with it.

They could be objects, places, food, animals – or you could look around the room and see what you can find in your chosen colour. 


Capture your chosen objects in any way you like. You might be inspired to write a short poem, create a drawing or a photograph. Perhaps the way that you capture your objects tells a story.


If you have more time….

Get together with some peers and create a colour quiz. 

You could take turns saying your four chosen objects out loud and can guess each other’s colour. Or you play charades and act out your chosen objects! 



Does your emotion have any surprise connections to the four objects you have chosen? 



Share your work with friends and family or keep it for yourself!

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