Create to Connect, Day 2 – Haiku Review

Now might be a good time to work your way through the book pile by your bed, or to put that Netflix subscipription to good use.

Create to Connect, Day 1 – Creative Companion

Welcome to day 1 of #CreateToConnect!

The January Challenge 2020, Day 7 – Post-It Possibilities

Today’s challenge is set by siblings Marc, Kara and Mia 17, 15, 13 from Cheshunt.

The January Challenge 2020, Day 6 – Open the Door

Today’s challenge is set by NJ Simmonds, author of fantasy romance trilogy ‘The Indigo Chronicles’, artist and public speaker.

The January Challenge 2020, Day 5 – Making it Big

Today’s challenge is set by the team at Impact Hub Islington.

The January Challenge 2020, Day 4 – Puppet Pals

Today’s challenge is set by Cris, 51 and 1/4 from Walthamstow.

The January Challenge 2020, Day 3 – Colour Switch

Today’s challenge is set by Maame, 23, from London.

The January Challenge 2020, Day 2 – Give it Away Now

Today’s challenge is set by Artist, Writer and Speaker Steve Chapman.

The January Challenge 2020, Day 1 – Welcome 2020!

Happy New Year!

The Weekly Challenge, 25th November 2019 – Story of a Gift

Which stories are important for you to tell?

The Weekly Challenge, 14th October 2019 – My Own Exhibition

At 64 Million Artists we believe everyone is creative, and when we use our creativity we can make positive change in our lives and the world around us.

The Weekly Challenge, 7th October 2019 – The Slow GIF Movement

The 10th October is World Mental Health Day, a chance for individuals, communities and organisations around the world to come together to show support for better mental health and wellbeing.

The Weekly Challenge, 16th September 2019 – The Sound of Silence

‘Silence is not empty.

The Weekly Challenge, 9th September 2019 – In Mi Own Skin

This week’s challenge is set by Miacah, the founder of ‘In Mi Own Skin’ – helping people to look and feel great by bringing substance to style.

The Weekly Challenge, 26th August 2019 – #MyMusicalSpark

A Creative Childhood This week’s challenge is set by Creative Futures, who work with communities across London and the Southeast to devise and deliver impactful, high quality arts programmes for children, young people and families.

The Weekly Challenge, 5th August – #Freewheeling

August 8th is Cycle to Work Day!

The Weekly Challenge, 29th July 2019 – Art Time Machine

“The idea of story writing for the sake of it is increasingly considered the preserve of children.

The Weekly Challenge, 8th July 2019 – Nature in Focus

Nature is the proud home of many of the textures, shapes, patterns and colours that inspire art.

The Weekly Challenge, 1st July 2019 – Squiggling

Pick up your pens, and get ready to squiggle… This week’s challenge is set by PACT Creative (Play Act Create Transform), who work to celebrate the transformative power of creativity & play in all areas of life.

The Weekly Challenge, 24th June 2019 – Fly The Flag

“Can you name your human rights?

The Weekly Challenge, 17th June 2019 – The Great Outdoors

Summer has arrived and it’s time to get outdoors!

The Weekly Challenge, 3rd June 2019 – Eye-Spy Nature

Spring has sprung and Summer is singing!

The Weekly Challenge – 27th May 2019

There are more than 64 Million everyday artists in the UK (and 7.

The Weekly Challenge, 13th May 2019 – #GetCreativeFestival

It’s time to Get Creative!

The Weekly Challenge, 6th May 2019 – An Eye for Detail

April was #AutismAwarenessMonth and this week’s Challenge is designed to keep the conversation going and growing.

The Weekly Challenge, 29th April 2019 – It’s Not Your Birthday But…

This week’s Challenge is set by It’s Not Your Birthday But…,champions of the lost art of letter writing, who connect people through letters, words and visual arts.

The Weekly Challenge, 18th March 2019 – Living On Purpose

What are the issues in life and the world around you that get you thinking, acting and doing?

The Weekly Challenge, 11th March 2019 – Common Ground

Spring is springing – embrace the spring in your step!

The Weekly Challenge, 4th March 2019 – BookFace

The readers, writers, storytellers and book lovers amongst us, get ready – Thursday 7th March is World Book Day!

The Weekly Challenge 2019 – Cocktail Creator!

This week’s creative challenge is set by Ray from Simply Create.

The Weekly Challenge, 11th February 2019 – Mirror Mirror

This week’s challenge is set by Charlotte Penn – a mover and shaker from Croydon.

The Weekly Challenge – 4th February 2019, Weekly Wigs!

Today is World Cancer Day, and the perfect day to introduce you to Hana.

The January Challenge, Day 31 – Celebrate!


The January Challenge, Day 30 – Your Turn

It’s the final stretch.

The January Challenge, Day 29 – Rewind

It’s not long now until #TheJanuaryChallenge finale… quick, let’s rewind.

The January Challenge, Day 28 – Light up your Life

We are nearing the end of the month – hopefully the challenges have shed light on your creativity.

The January Challenge, Day 27 – Local Historian

It’s Sunday!

The January Challenge, Day 26 – Map your World

We all have connections with the wider world around us – it could be through travel, but also through family, food, technology, music, your belongings, or simply a sense of curiosity.

The January Challenge, Day 25 – Draw with your Drawers

We have clothes drawers, and cutlery drawers, sock drawers and stationary drawers.

The January Challenge, Day 24 – Seasons of Change

Find the time to create a rhyme (You’re a poet and you should know it!

The January Challenge, Day 23 – HUMp Day

It’s Wednesday.

The January Challenge, Day 22 – Pencil People

Take the time this Tuesday to look around you and observe the movements and character of someone around you… Doodle a stranger!

The January Challenge, Day 21 – Good News Day!

Brilliant things happen to brilliant people all around the world, every day.

The January Challenge, Day 20 – Out of this World

Since the 20th January 2018, our planet has completed an entire obit of the Sun.

The January Challenge, Day 19 – Word Play

The 26 letters of the English alphabet make around a quarter of a million words – and more are created every year.

The January Challenge, Day 18 – Top Hat


The January Challenge, Day 17 – Doodle Duet

Grab a partner, some paper and something to draw with.

The January Challenge, Day 16 – Highest Heights

Today is all about finding the balance and having some fun on our creative journey… Make something taller than you.

The January Challenge, Day 15 – Flash Mob

It’s time for a Tuesday tune…are you ready to make some (sound)waves?

The January Challenge, Day 14 – Joy Seeker

Monday’s don’t have a great reputation – but today we challenge that together!

The January Challenge, Day 13 – Pen to Paper

The second week of 2019 is coming to an end.

The January Challenge, Day 12 – Window of Opportunity

It’s Saturday!

The January Challenge, Day 11 – Fruity Friday

Fruit has long been the inspiration behind art – but today’s challenge takes the fruit out of the fruit bowl and into your own hands!

The January Challenge, Day 10 – Cover Lover

It’s time to get in the groove and disc-cover our inner cover artists.

The January Challenge, Day 9 – High Flyer

Today’s challenge is sure to get your Wednesday off to a flying start.

The January Challenge, Day 8 – Word on the Street

It’s Tuesday – let’s make our day, by making someone else’s day!

The January Challenge, Day 7 – Double Take

When we look at things, how closely do we actually look?

The January Challenge, Day 6 – Rubbish Rummage

Today’s challenge is an old time favourite!

The January Challenge, Day 5 – Sensory Stroll

It’s Saturday!

The January Challenge, Day 4 – A.B.C Story

It’s time to tell you About today’s challenge!

The January Challenge, Day 3 – Colour Dash

For today’s colourful challenge we want you to explore your location and capture the rainbow!

The January Challenge, Day 2 – Thumbs Up

No two people are the same – and neither are their fingerprints!

The January Challenge, Day 1 – Year of the…

Happy New Year, Challengers!

We are Culture – Day 3 – Leaf Printing

Today’s challenge is from Alan, who is a member of the Element Young Creatives.

We are Connected – Day 3 – Connect and Create

Today’s challenge has been inspired by all sorts of ideas that were sent to us, and that came out of creative workshops.

We are Culture – Day 2 – Why I Love…

Today, it’s over to Louise Prince “Recently I responded to “Why I Love London”  and found it a really useful exercise as it drew an immediate response”   Do Think of a place or location that is important to you.

We are Human – Day 2 – The Marks We Make

Today’s challenge is from Julia Underwood!

We are Connected – Day 2 – Quiz

Today’s challenge is from NAPA.

We Are Human – Day 1 – One Line Self Portrait

Today’s challenge is from Pearl!

We are Culture – Day 1 – 2022

Today’s challenges is from Helen Carter-Shaw!

We are Connected – Day 1 – Cut and Paste

64 Million Artists ran a workshop with some of the ‘You Okay, Doc?

The Weekly Challenge, 27th December 2021 – 1 Week To Go!

One week to go until #TheJanuaryChallenge (well technically 5 days!

The Weekly Challenge, 20th December 2021 – 2 Weeks To Go!

We can’t believe there are only two weeks to go until #TheJanuaryChallenge 2022.