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At 64 Million Artists we believe we’re all creative… and that when we create, we can make positive change in our own lives and in the world around us.

Here you’ll find simple creative activities for individuals and groups. Whether you’re looking for things to do at home, in your workplace, school, care home or local café, there’s something here to inspire you. Dive into the Creative Activities section and take a look.

DO: The activities are easy, free to take part in, and any materials you might need will be easy to find. You could be asked to go on a walk to discover different objects, to invent a story, or create a memory map of of your local area. Anything’s possible.

THINK: Once you’d had a go at a challenge or activity, we’d love you to reflect on your experience. How did it make you feel? Did it provoke any thoughts or feelings?

SHARE: Showcase your work by uploading an image of it along with any reflections here on Do Think Share. Your work will be proudly featured in our galleries.

Go on… have a go.

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