The Oakupy Project walking through oak trees quick sketches of their spirit in line #64millionartists #oaktrees #sketching #enpleinair #penandink 'Roots, tree and leaf in different languages' Love this response to @arkbounduk challenge from Ruth in our Facebook group. What language can you spot in there? #64MillionArtists #TheWeeklyChallenge #64millionartists #theweeklychallenge The Weekly Challenge, 14th September - The Oakupy Project. Full challenge: The Arkbound Foundation is a charity based in Bristol and Glasgow that aims to widen access to literature and improve diversity within publishing. They run community projects, support books with strong social and environmental themes and mentor aspiring authors to produce books that empower, educate and inspire readers. Recently, Arkbound were made aware of 1000 Oak Trees that, unless claimed and planted, were destined for the mulcher. Since then, they have started 'The Oakupy Project' and have invited community spaces, schools, libraries, youth groups and hospitals to take a tree. They want to create green spaces within an urban environment - and they are still looking for more homes. Read more on the project and how those local to Bristol can get involved here. Do To celebrate The Oakupy Project, we are celebrating trees! Small ones, big ones, and everything in between - take the time to consider what’s around you and get creative. Could you go on an outdoors adventure and photograph what you find? Will you find an oak tree? You could take inspiration from nature and create an Autumnal collage, or draw a repeating pattern of Oak tree leaves. You might even like to create a ‘family tree’ - where are your roots, and where are you growing? Could you take inspiration from the project, and create something that advocates to protect or develop green spaces near you? Anything goes...get creative! Thank you to The Arkbound Foundation for this week's challenge! #64MillionArtists #TheWeeklyChallenge Rescue saplings from the mulcher with Arkbound’s ‘Oakupy’ project - Bristol Green Capital BRISTOLGREENCAPITAL.ORG Rescue saplings from the mulcher with Arkbound’s ‘Oakupy’ project - Bristol Green Capital Try our weekly Creative Challenge Make a Macramé Feather Watch the video to find out how! #lovelibraries #lovehertslibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64MillionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YouLibraryOnline Read all about the Ration Challenge from @Concern in this week's creative challenge here:… 'Hope' from Ruth Hall in our Challenge Facebook group #64MillionArtists 64 Million Artists@64M_ArtistsChallenge time! Over to Ruth Hall, a teacher from the Northeast of England. From the 13th-19th September, she is taking part in the ‘Ration Challenge’, and invites you to get creative with rice & learn more about this fundraising initiative. Full challenge The Weekly Challenge, Rice is Nice! This week’s challenge is from Ruth Hall, a regular 64 Million Artists’ Challenger, and a teacher from the northeast of England. Ruth is a mother, she’s passionate about human rights, mental health and creativity! From the 13th-19th September, Ruth is taking part in the ‘Ration Challenge’ fundraiser from Concern Worldwide. For one week, she'll eat the same rations as a Syrian refugee living in a camp in Jordan, and raise money to make a practical difference to the lives of those living in the camps. The Challenge also offers a small chance to see things from someone else’s perspective and help deepen people’s understanding of this global issue. If you would like to support Ruth you can donate to her fundraiser here. Do Rice is nice! The bulk of the ration pack will be rice - and Ruth invites you to get creative with rice, and whilst you do - to learn more about and reflect on this fundraising initiative. Could you make a new dish with rice? A musical instrument? A picture? A sensory toy? You could write an acrostic poem using the letters RICE, LONG GRAIN or BASMATI...? Paint with rice water? Anything goes! Try our weekly Creative Challenge Make a fabric notebook cover Watch the video to find out how! #LoveLibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64MillionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YouLibraryOnline 'A Gathering Place' #connected #grounded #gathered #64millionartists The Weekly Challenge - A Gathering Place Full challenge: t's Monday morning, Weekly Challenge time AND a Bank Holiday - lucky you! This week, it's over to Raquel Meseguer, who invites you to gather, and rest. Raquel is the founder of Uncharted Collective and creates shows that explore experiences of chronic pain and illness, and difference as a creative tool. The 'back to school' feeling that September usually brings us looks and feels different this year. This is an invitation to find your Gathering Place as the Autumn begins. Do You’ll need: - A small piece of material (or jar, tin - or even some tin foil) - A rubber band, piece of string or hair band - A piece of paper Take a few minutes to think about the things that have made you feel connected, grounded and gathered over the last 5 months. As you reflect tear your piece of paper into strips. Write down the things that have made you feel connected on the strips of paper and place them in the middle of the cloth. Gather the corners and tie into a small bundle. Can you find a time and place where you can lie down undisturbed for 10 minutes? You could play some relaxing music, light a candle, be out in nature - it's up to you. Set a 10 minute timer, and lie down in your space, with your bundle. Take the time to reflect on the things you wrote and put in your bundle, and gather your energy and your sense of the things that support you. After 10 minutes write a 3 line poem with the title ‘Gathering’. You can keep and come back to your Gathering Place whenever you'd like to. Enjoy this week's challenge - let us know how you get on! #TheWeeklyChallenge #64MillionArtists Try our daily Creative Challenge Make a bag from an old pair of jeans by cutting off the legs and sewing across the bottom The strap is made from plaited strips cut from the same jeans #LoveLibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64MillionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YouLibraryOnline Try our daily Creative Challenge Make a "12 days of Christmas" style song about lockdown #LoveLibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64MillionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YouLibraryOnline 'A stitch in time ' natural forms as poetic solace in the lockdown #64millionartists #WeeklyChallenge The Weekly Challenge, 24th August 2020 - A Stitch in Time Full challenge: The saying “A stitch in time saves nine” is the inspiration behind this week’s challenge from Envisage Arts CIC, an art therapy service based in West Yorkshire. The saying suggests that working to solve a problem early on prevents bigger problems later on. What does that saying make you think about? Do you think problem solving is an act of creativity? Envisage Arts are collecting responses to this challenge to form a community quilt that captures the stories of lockdown - and the creative ways in which we’ve worked our way through problems along the way... Do What is a problem, issue or worry you have overcome throughout lockdown? Use this challenge to capture the ways you dealt with your problem, and reflect on how you used your creativity to help you. It could be something small, something big (or anything in between) - there is no right or wrong answer! You could use this challenge to give time to a problem you are still working through, reflect on the situation and see where some creative time takes you. Capture your story in a square. You could use any medium or material - you could sketch, write, annotate, sew, make...whatever helps you to express yourself. Your image doesn't have to make sense to anybody else! Find a template (if you'd like to use it) in the full challenge above. #TheWeeklyChallenge #64MillionArtists Try our daily Creative Challenge Try creating another puzzle with This is a cryptogram #lovelibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64MillionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YouLibraryOnline Try our daily Creative Challenge Another anti-poem Can you write a poem about summer without using any of the letters in S-U-M-M-E-R? #lovelibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64MillionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YouLibraryOnline We're recruiting! #64MillionArtists are looking for a Team Administrator to join our team. Could that be you? Could that be somebody you know? Find the job description and details on how to apply here: - we can't wait to hear from you. 'Sanctuary Sketches' walking in others footsteps from the Sanctuary at Avebury to Silbury Hill taking in the Adam and Eve Stones #serpentstail #sanctuary #64millionartists #avebury #walking #SafeHaven #skies “I can be creative here and use my imagination’ Where is your sanctuary? This is Nicole Cowan’s desk sanctuary. Nicole also set this week’s challenge from @INYBB_ - thanks Nicole! Full challenge here: #DoThinkShare #64MillionArtists The Weekly Challenge, 17th August 2020 - Sanctuary Sketches Full challenge: This week’s Challenge is set by It’s Not Your Birthday But…, champions of the lost art of letter writing, who connect people through letters, words and visual arts. They work in community settings such as schools, prisons, care homes, hospices and hospitals to encourage people to explore their own creativity, challenge assumptions that may be made about them and to share what’s important or helpful to them. This challenge is part of their Lost Letters project with Surrey History Centre, and inspired by the lost letters that describe in detail The Holloway Sanatorium. In the description of the word 'Sanatorium' it says 'a place of extended rest'... Do Get creative to share your ‘Sanctuary’, and what it means to you. Where do you think of when you hear the words ‘a place of extended rest’? Reflect on a space where you feel safe and happy, calm or at peace. It might be a place that you’ve spent extended amounts of time in during lockdown, or it might be somewhere completely different. Recreate your sanctuary - it might be your bedroom, garden, park, might be in a place where you enjoy a hobby like reading or cooking! You could sketch out your sanctuary, and add on the words to help you explain it, or you might like to take a short video or voice note to share. It’s up to you! Get creative with your sanctuary sketch… You can read more about this challenge here. Have fun! Let's get creative. #TheWeeklyChallenge #64MillionArtists It's #WeeklyChallenge time! This week, it's over to @INYBB_ champions of the lost art of letter writing, who connect people through words and visual arts. Where is your sanctuary, or 'place of extended rest'? Find the full challenge at: #64MillionArtists #64MillionArtists He wished to be king. FORTUNATELY So it was, he took the role: UNFORTUNATELY Sad, he lost control. Loads of brilliant 'Fortunately, Unfortunately' stories happening over on our Facebook group this week! One of our favourites being a story co-created by two sisters on the phone to each other. Come and say hello:… #64MillionArtists #EverydayCreativity Fortunately the pumpkins are thriving Unfortunately they are taking over Fortunately at height out of the way of slugs and snails Unfortunately they may not be such a bumper crop Fortunately Natural Farming growing seeds from seeds #Shumei #NaturalFarming #64millionartists Try our daily Creative Challenge Make a shaped card I started with a train-shaped card, but you could cut our your own shape. Decorate it with pages from a magazine and add a celebrity driver! #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64MillionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YouLibraryOnline If you have more time... Take on this challenge throughout the week - where can you spy opportunities to start a story? Where can you see ‘fortunately, unfortunately’ events happening in real life? Can you create some fortunate endings? #TheWeeklyChallenge #64MillionArtists Fortunately, this week’s challenge is here!’re going to have to read on to find out what it is….thanks for the fun challenge Maggie! Maggie is a teacher, who loves to get creative. Full challenge: #TheWeeklyChallenge #64MillionArtists The Weekly Challenge, 10th August - Fortunately, Unfortunately Find the full challenge here: Maggie Delwiche is a teacher who gets creative! Maggie’s work is all about play...and encouraging play anywhere, and at any age. Fortunately, this week’s challenge is here!’re going to have to read the next paragraph to find out what it is…. Do Tell a ‘fortunately, unfortunately’ story. One sentence starts with the word ‘Fortunately,’ and goes on to describe a fortunate event. The next sentence begins with the word ‘Unfortunately’ and goes on to describe an unfortunate event. What happens to your characters? Where does your story take you? Get creative with your storytelling! You might play with a group of friends, with your family, with your neighbours, or online, by passing your ‘chapter‘ on and challenge the next story teller to solve your unfortunate event! You might share videos, or decorate your words, or you could simply scribble down your sentences and keep them to yourself. Anything goes... #TheWeeklyChallenge #64MillionArtists Secret Garden 'Spirals' nature's beauty lichen garden at the sacred Longstones Site -the great stone Adam has this beautiful secret garden surface #64millionartists #WeeklyChallenge Love this mini garden creation from Waheeda, who set this week's challenge! Join our wonderful 64 Million Artists' challenge community on Facebook:… #64MillionArtists #TheWeeklyChallenge 64 Million Artists@64M_ArtistsThis week's creative challenge comes from 64 Million Artists' Challenger Waheeda Hales. Capture your favourite outdoor space and bring to life the memories and associations you have there...why is that place important to you? Full challenge: The Weekly Challenge, 3rd August 2020 - My Secret Garden Full challenge: What does the word ‘nature’ make you think about, or remember? Our experience of the great outdoors has had to shift over the last few months. This week’s creative idea from Challenger Waheeda Hales, is to capture your favourite outdoor space and bring to life the memories and associations you have there. Choose an outside space that you enjoy being in or that reminds you of happy memories. It might be your garden, a local park, a street, square or playground. Find a way to celebrate or capture that space - you might describe it in a poem, find old photographs, or take new ones. You might draw or collage your space - or you might even recreate it in a tiny version (search dish gardens and mini gardens for inspiration!) Why is this place important to you? If you can’t think of anywhere in particular - have a go at dreaming up your perfect garden or outdoor space. What does it feel like to be there? What details make it special? (P.S. Anyone and everyone can set a challenge! Waheeda is a 64 Million Artists' Challenger, and you can set one, too - pop your ideas in here.) Have fun and get creative! Try our daily Creative Challenge The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog! Can you write a sentence that uses all the letters of the alphabet? #Hyoc2020 #Lovelibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64millionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YourLibraryOnline Try our daily Creative Challenge Make a coaster from a tile You could use glass pens, porcelain pens, glass paints or even mosaic! Add a square of felt to the bottom to stop it marking your wooden surfaces #Hyoc2020 #Lovelibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64millionArtists Finding the Words 'Cobwebs ' word image #Theweeklychallenge #64millionartists Finding the Words 'Cobwebs' #64millionartists #WeeklyChallenge #language #words #nature #poetry Try our daily Creative Challenge Make a zippy butterfly The head and body are felt balls, but could also be large beads or polystyrene balls, or even woolly pompoms The wings are half zips #Hyoc2020 #Lovelibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64millionArtists #CreativeQuarantine Find a word, any word... This week's challenge from @FrancoiseHelen1 is to have a go at writing a less-than-30 word poem, inspired by a one word title. Find the full challenge here: #TheWeeklyChallenge #64MillionArtists The Weekly Challenge, 27th July 2020 - Finding the Words Full challenge: Francoise Helene is a Canadian Poet living in London. She uses poetry to capture her experiences of travel, art, music and nature and often uses just one word as the inspiration to kickstart her poems. This week - it’s your turn! Find Francoise’s poetry in her new, self published book ‘Us & Everything Else’ here. Do Find a word, any word, to use as the title to a short poem that is less that 30 words. You could flick through a book and stop on a random page, ask somebody to give you a word, or look around you and see what word you land on. Now you have your title, it’s time to find your words! There’s no right or wrong. Your poem can be as serious or silly as you like. If it feels tricky to get started, try something new. Could you set yourself a time limit? 30 words in 3 minutes...or 30 seconds? Could your words all start with the lame letter as your title? Could your poem start and end with the same word or sentence...? Have fun! Let's get creative.. #TheWeeklyChallenge #64MillionArtists Try our daily Creative Challenge Make a giant 'marble run' with tubes and ping pong balls #Hyoc2020 #Lovelibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64millionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YourLibraryOnline Try our daily Creative Challenge Try another acrostic poem! #Hyoc2020 #lovelibraries #64MillionArtists #YourLibraryOnline #PassItOn #MondayChallenge A Postcard from the Edge 2020 #64millionartists "Trust the Universe" - this week's challenge from @crafternoon_tea is to choose what you would want to say to a stranger, and find a creative way to pass it on. Love this from Caroline in our Facebook group. Find the full challenge here:… #64MillionArtists The Weekly Challenge - Pass it On! Find the full challenge here: Got something you want to say? What’s on your mind? Get ready to Pass it On. This week’s challenge is set by Beccy Mccray, who runs the Crafternoon Tea Club. She combines DIY craft and activism to create imaginative acts of resistance and invite more moments of human interaction in the world. She aims to blur the line between artist and audience, bringing people together through the sharing of materials, ideas...and good times. Do If you could pass on an idea, a phrase, a quote or an image, to a total stranger, what would you want it to be? What’s on your mind? This week, choose what you want to say, and find a creative way to pass it on. Use what you have available to you. You might be inspired by nature - leave messages on pebbles, in sticks, stones or sand. Or, you could write in chalk, in the condensation on your window, on post-it notes or even on a napkin…get creative! Here are some examples from Beccy. Find more of her work on Instagram. Have fun! #TheWeeklyChallenge #64MillionArtists If you have more time ...  How many times, and in how many places can you leave your words…? Thanks to Beccy McCray for this week's fun challenge. Fin the full challenge:… #TheWeeklyChallenge #64MillionArtists Walking in local #park today? Might like to join #SlowMarathon2020, an attempt to walk around the globe with 100s of people contributing. Event will finish when jointly walked the 40,000km/25,000miles around the world:… #TheWeeklyChallenge #64MillionArtists Safe at home? Try our daily Creative Challenge Make a pendant with a washer and nail varnish. You can drag a cocktail stick through dots of wet varnish to make a pattern #Hyoc2020 #Lovelibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64millionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YourLibraryOnline Safe at home? Try our daily Creative Challenge Create a wordsearch with a program like… #Hyoc2020 #Lovelibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64millionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YourLibraryOnline #SlowMarathon walking across the causeway St Michael's Mount #archiveprint #visualising #64millionartists