A lovely evening spent needle felting, being creative, learning something new, chilled and happy with great company. Love Jenn’s Denn it’s our new favourite happy place #sparkjoy #crafting #learnsomethingnew #healthandwellbeing #64millionartists “Impact the world around you using your creativity”...we were delighted to be part of a brilliant panel discussion on social media and #participation, and #youthleadership with @MousetrapTP this afternoon #64MillionArtists Our social media and marketing panel gurus from @oldvictheatre, @Omnibus_Theatre, #64millionartists and @_booments gave our young attendees plenty to think about in session 2 of our conference! #blessed Jennifer called in this week and completed her second artwork. #gatesheadlibraries @GatesheadLibs @gatesheadartdiamonds @karolynnehart #64millionartists A mirror of my days in hospital #mirrormirror #64millionartists #theweeklychallenge Cocktail Creator fresh flowers calendula rice paper star and thistle milk all served unadulterated in buchan ware mug #Scottish #cocktail #nature #nonalchoholic #64millionartists #thistle The Weekly Challenge - 18th February 2019 - Cocktail Creator! . This week's creative challenge is set by Ray from Simply Create. Ray is a creative content developer and founder of #SimplyCreate, a company specialising in creating and sharing stories through ideas and innovation workshops. We are halfway through February and Spring is knocking at the door - let's celebrate! This week, Ray challenges you to quench your creative thirst and lure out your inner mixologist... . Invent your own Cocktail or Mocktail! What flavours do you choose? As well as the taste, think about the whole experience, what would it look and smell like? What would you name it? Get creative! You could put whenever you like in there - a sprinkle of magic? A sprig of good luck? Draw, describe, write the recipe or...make! Over to you, Challengers! If you have more time ... What does your week taste like? Add a different flavour or ingredient to your drink for each day of this week. The flavour could represent your mood, feelings, experiences, or simply represent what you fancy on each day! . We would love to see your ideas! Share with Simply Create and the 64 Million Artists team using #CocktailCreator and #64MillionArtists t: @_simplycreate_ i: _simplycreate_ t: @64M_Artists f: https://www.facebook.com/64millionartists/ i: https://www.instagram.com/64millionartists/ Find a partner and mirror your movement to music. First up is Q and then V. Thankfully they don’t get their dance moves from me. #mirrormirror #64millionartists #theweeklychallenge #beck #wow #queen #bowie #underpressure #boys #dancing An impromptu dance off with my middle boy meant both 80s/90s dance crazies were revisited in the sitting room and @64millionartists got a completed weekly challenge #mirrormirror #64millionartists #toooldfor80smoves #thatshowyoubreakahip Today is #RandomActsOfKindnessDay! Here’s a throwback of to an amazing entry to Day 8 of #thejanuarychallenge ‘word on the street’ creative challenge #64MillionArtists I am late because I was ill and ended up in hospital (Have bounced back in5. This is my #wigweek project made out of needle felting. My daughter wants to use it as a hat now as a hat because she loved it. #64millionartists #felting #needlefelting #crafting #MirrorMirror dancing for this week's #creative challenge! What stories can you see in the reflection? #64MillionArtists Which lucky customer is going to find this bookmark at Blaydon Library? Books are the only true magic #64millionartists #bookmarks #randomactsofkindness #everydaycreativity #finderskeepers Art Diamonds week 5 Challenge - make a bookmark and leave it in a book for someone. Love this creation from Blaydon library today. #everydaycreativity #64millionartists #bookmarks #randomactsofkindness Mirror mirror #64millionartists self portrait with my grandaughter #love #generations Jennifer #Blaydonlibrary first to do this week's challenge. Bookmark with a kind message, now hidden in a library book to make someone smile! @gatesheadartdiamonds @GatesheadLibs #64millionartists @karolynnehart Mirror mirror powder room drama in the 40's loss of other half #identity #photography #narrative #64millionartists #dance Recipes for Life today with @ellenphethean at Crawcrook Library #everydaycreativity #64millionartists #creativechallenge #recipesforife #64millionartists Mirror Mirror from the 40's powder room drama #decoupage #alchemy #silver #dance #selfimage Year 3 having a go at the #MirrorMirror challenge #64MillionArtists “I liked being the leader because you could be really creative!” “I liked being the follower because you had to focus to get it right.” This week we are exploring the #mirroring of #bodylanguage and #movement through #dance. Find a partner and take it in turns to lead and follow - what do you notice? What stories do you find in the reflection? #TheWeeklyChallenge #MirrorMirror #64MillionArtists It's #Monday, time to get #moving and shaking with this week's challenge by @RavenstoneDance teacher Charlotte!Create mirror movement-find a partner and take it in turns to lead and follow. What story unfolds in the reflection? #MirrorMirror #64MillionArtists #TheWeeklyChallenge The Weekly Challenge, 11th February 2019 - Mirror Mirror . This week's challenge is set by Charlotte Penn - a mover and shaker from Croydon. Charlotte is a dance and drama teacher, working in several settings across South West London. She is mostly found at Ravenstone Primary School, teaching dance and learning all her cool new moves from the wonderful children there. This week, we are exploring story and connection through playful movement. Let's see what story unfolds in the reflection. . Create mirror movement! Find a partner, and decide who is going to be the leader and who is going to follow. Using your hands, arms and whatever follows, begin your movement and allow the other person to mirror you. You could choose music or try in silence - slower is usually better! Take it in turns to swap leading and following, and see if you can swap spontaneously. If you prefer, use a mirror as your partner! Stand in front and notice how your movements reflect the music and create a story. Is there a certain mindfulness to your movements? What stories, metaphors and moments do you notice in the invisible connection? Is the connection fragile like uncooked spaghetti or strong and elastic like a rubber band? Share with video, pictures, sketches or write a short story or poem inspired by the experience. . Share with Charlotte and the 64 Million Artists team using #MirrorMirror and #64MillionArtists Charlottes twitter: @RavenstoneDance 64 MA twitter: @64M_Artists Instagram: @64millionartists Or upload to The Weekly Challengers Facebook page. . Have fun! Week 4 Art Diamonds Challenge - a Magical Hug Giving Creature. Everyone needs a hug sometimes. #everydaycreativity #hugs #creativechallenge #gatesheadlibraries #64millionartists #artsforolderpeople Week 4 of our Art Diamonds creative challenges. Flying mythical creatures from Birtley Library #everydaycreativity #loveyourlibrary #mythicalcreatures #64millionartists This week’s challenge was to make a wig out of whatever you can find. I don’t think this is our best work but we had fun. #weeklywigs #64millionartists #worldcancerday #wig #64millionartists #weeklywigs #papercreations #facetoface Bit late for the first #64MillionArtists weekly challenge and haven’t had time to make a wig, so my #weeklywig is a throwback to this excellent Wonderwoman wig! Obviously dancing is involved! #wiggingout over this amazing glove #wig for this week’s #weeklywigs challenge! Posted @withrepost • @museumartcraft Our director @stephaniejanefuller couldn’t resist the @64millionartists #WeeklyWigs challenge, she’s pictured here in our Collections Store with a self-styled wig made from curators gloves! How inspired #64millionartists #whitegloves #behindthescenes #museum #meettheteam #ditchling #creativity #community #craft #haveagoodday #thejanuarychallenge: Play with words to create new meanings: UPDOS: An action undertaken by a number of people at the same time to move into a higher position and/or increase the level of intensity.☝️To put an image to this new meaning for the word, I ended up searching the internet for 'wingsuit' - if you don't know what these are you should totally look because they are amazing. This drawing is loosely based on a formation made by a group of parachuters wearing wingsuits!☝️#64millionartists #make365 day 25 #365insideoutside #updo #wingsuits #riseup #michellekayartist #thejanuarychallenge: Play with words to create new meanings: UPDO: An action undertaken to move into a higher position and/or increase the level of intensity. ☝️ To put an image to this new meaning for the word, I ended up searching the internet for 'wingsuit' - if you don't know what these are you should totally look because they are amazing. Recently I went to a wedding and it was a steam punk theme and I found this black dress at an op shop for $20 and it had WINGS sewed from the bottom of the skirt to the bottom of the sleeves and the wings were covered in diamanties. I want to wear sparkling wings every day. This drawing is loosely based on an animated character from Airbender. ☝️ #64millionartists #make365 day 23 #365insideoutside #updo #wingsuit #rising #michellekayartist #thejanuarychallenge: Make something taller than you. Back on the day of this prompt this idea was cooked up with @papertigerstudio. I went on a break the day after, but always wanted to get around to implementing it. This image was taken in October 2018 when we were hiking on the appellation trail in Upstate New York and saw an absolute abundance of various mushrooms! #64millionartists #make365 day 22 #365insideoutside #fungai #fungus #shrooms #michellekayartist Art Diamonds challenge week 4 - create a Magical Creature. I love the scales and thick legs of the Trundlebeast from Lean Lane Library today. #everydaycreativity #artdiamonds #64millionartists #gatesheadlibraries Our director @stephaniejanefuller couldn’t resist the @64millionartists #WeeklyWigs challenge, she’s pictured here in our Collections Store with a self-styled wig made from curators gloves! How inspired #64millionartists #whitegloves #behindthescenes #museum #meettheteam #ditchling #64millionartists weekly challenge. Make wigs from whatever you can find! Inspired by the work of Hana Wilde who created a wig a week when her mum was diagnosed with cancer. It's World Cancer Day. Today is World Cancer Day, and the perfect day to introduce you to Hana. Hana Wilde is a visual artist based in Scotland. She uses craft techniques and humour to explore our relationships to our environment and each other. When her mum was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2016, she used her work to support her in a truly creative way.’Weekly Wigs’ began as a personal project, and blossomed into an inspiring social media awareness-raising campaign. Every week, Hana created a new wig inspired by her surroundings, and encouraged others to do the same. The results were fantastic (see some highlights below)! Take a look at Hana’s website here, to see more amazing wig endeavours and more about Hana’s work. Breast Cancer Care also wrote a blog about the campaign, which you can find here. Create a wig out of whatever you can find! Have a look around. That old jigsaw with half the pieces missing? The packing peanuts about to be thrown out at work? The world is your oyster – or rather, your wig. Now that something has caught your eye, how can you (safely!) turn it into a wig? Can you knot it, glue it, wire it, sew it, staple it or tie it together? What hairstyles can you make? One of Hana’s favourite tricks is to take strips of cardboard from an old cereal box, staple them into a rough helmet shape, and attach any materials to the cardboard helmet. You could also use an old hat, shower cap, or hair-net as a base! You’d be surprised what you can get on your head if you try… Full challenge here: http://ow.ly/zOAx30nxPrB #weeklywigs #64millionartists #worldcancerday #cancerawareness #breastcancerawareness My Sunday morning. HBU? #origami #64MillionArtists #TheJanuaryChallenge #Belated Some people have kindly asked us how to donate to #64MillionArtists following #TheJanuaryChallenge. We are incredibly grateful for any donations we receive, which will be directly invested into the challenge to keep it going and growing Thank you! Link: paypal.com/donate/?token=… #thejanuarychallenge: Make something using fruit - pomegranate juice. ️ This is actually a postcard made out of watercolour paper. If you'd like me to send it to you anywhere in the world then send me a personal message with your address. ️ Picking up again on the prompt of make something using fruit which I didn't really do on that day. Swipe to see the process I used to lay down the juice - I used both hands at once with two different sizes brushes. I thought the juice would end up turning out brighter than it did. Some colour definitely needed to be added just for fun #64millionartists #make365 day 19 #365insideoutside #fruity #drawingisfun #divination #michellekayartist