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The January Challenge 2020, Day 15 – Here’s looking at you.

Today’s challenge is set by Sketch Appeal. One of the aims of Sketch Appeal is to celebrate the joy of experimental drawing and creative play. https://www.sketchappeal.co.uk/about

“There’s no faster way to unleash the artist within than drawing with your non-dominant hand!”

Today is about turning ‘I can’t draw’ into ‘I am drawing’…

Draw two quick and colourful self-portraits. One with your dominant hand and then another, using your non-dominant hand. This is about enjoying the process, not making a masterpiece! Give it a go and see what happens – what are the different qualities in the drawings? Which one do you prefer?

Find the full challenge: http://dothinkshare.com/the-january-challenge-2020/the-january-challenge-2020-day-15-heres-looking-at-you/

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