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Hosts awful selfies Tired and rushed okay!? At least I can show you don’t have to be incredible to come to the classes!
Share yours below! It was challenging to draw with the non dominant hand. Really had to fight off the natural swapping of the pencil.
The January Challenge 2020, Day 15 – Here’s looking at you.

Today’s challenge is set by Sketch Appeal. One of the aims of Sketch Appeal is to celebrate the joy of experimental drawing and creative play. “There’s no faster way to unleash the artist within than drawing with your non-dominant hand!” Today is about turning ‘I can’t draw’ into ‘I am drawing’… Draw two quick and colourful self-portraits. One with your dominant hand and then another, using your non-dominant hand. This is about enjoying the process, not making a masterpiece! Give it a go and see what happens – what are the different qualities in the drawings? Which one do you prefer?

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