Day 11 - New Year, New Challenge. New magazine, new mug, new froggy infuser, new packet of Darjeeling loose leaf tea. #64millionartists #thejanuarychallenge #breathemagazine #iitala #theefabriekhouwerzijl #Turku #Finland #beautifulordinary #nofilter #TheJanuaryChallenge @64M_Artists try something new... a lunchtime stroll in the light rain along the canal. Not quite new, but haven’t done it in a while! #TheJanuaryChallenge day 11 - trying something new. I’ve tried out a new, cheaper fineliner for my Doodles and it turns out it’s quite nice to use! #64MillionArtists l must get fitter this year. lm going to achieve a lean mean sex machine...ok just a couple of stone and ld be happy Day 11: New Year New Me. I was in the health food shop and so thought new food would be good. Horseradish roasted peas and olive pate (I have bought mushroom pate for years and love it too much to risk trying something different. Pleased to report that the peas are a win and the pate is weirdly not much different from the mushroom pate. #TheJanuaryChallenge #64millionartists My new challenge for 2018, first attempt today! Dip pen is tricky Day 11 - New Year, New Challenge. New magazine, new mug, new froggy infuser, new packet of Darjeeling loose leaf tea. #64millionartists #thejanuarychallenge #breathemagazine #iitala #theefabriekhouwerzijl #Turku #Finland #beautifulordinary #nofilter Challenger 11 - My first time using ink dip pen in my drawings! I was scared at first but I like using this pen! This is my something new- mango on porridge- actually delicious! It is resting on the paper I still haven’t created into anything! Day 11: trying something new... cinnamon tea.... (Oh... and my first post in this group.... ) Day 11 of the #TheJanuaryChallenge Try Something New! Today I tasted #Sauerkraut for the first time.... and it was OK... Share with #64MillionArtists New swimming costume & googles put to use for the 1st time today... feel fab for having a swim after so long! Day 11 - something new - tai chi @64M_Artists #TheJanuaryChallenge #64MilionArtists Day11 -doing something (a)new .. used to take my kid to the art gallery and discuss what I see that’s different on every piece on display The last painting is moved from Folk Art gallery. A new experience for me - moving an art collection for re-display at a new exhibition at Compton Verney. To be held in the spring. Day 2 #TheJanuaryChallenge - try something new - #Mindfulwalking https://www.mindful.org/walk-this-way/ #64MillionArtists #day 11 Well this is a first but can't say it's a success apart from putting the batteries in the train but will keep trying Dear Admins Feel free to delete - I just felt the need to share my room of shame! Day 11: something New took a new route to work this morning:) Day 10 paper challenge Day 11 Trying something new: Day 11 Something new. My 1st attempt at using a beading loom, a christmas present from my hubby Day 10 One sheet of A4 - my not so elegant swans. Day 11. After folding a page in Gerry's book yesterday I have decided to tidy some of his books as a mark of respect. I have given him a lovely new green shelf. Still couldn't bring myself to put them in total order. You have to take risks! Day 11 - new year, new me. Try something new! Having a go at some Russian so I can greet my Russian-French friend in her native tongue! @64M_Artists #TheJanuaryChallenge #64Millionartists Day 11 - New Year, new me. Having a go at learning some Russian so I can greet my Russian-French friend in her mother tongue! Я - Шарон! Day 11 of #TheJanuaryChallenge and #64MillionArtists . Try something new - I'm taking my car for a service to a new garage! (Wish this WAS mine!) @64M_Artists #thejanuarychallenge : today's theme is "new year, new me" and I have to try something new... By happy chance it was my son's birthday yesterday and someone gave him this lock-picking set. It is awesome - I just picked this padlock for the first time - what a rush... #callmefingers #lockpicking #64millionartists #newcareer #raking Day 11 New Year New You New watercolour paper pad! I've drawn my eyes from my eye test photos yesterday in tea and ink. Challenge 11 - New Year, New Me. As a Virgo + Ex Military, I’m literally stepping out of my comfort zone. Wearing odd socks is both liberating and weird ( but it might also wind up the weans. “Oh no ma Da is going senile” Tee Hee ) Technically yesterday’s challenge of #thejanuarychallenge making something from one piece of paper. Good old-fashioned snowflake making. But hopefully with a more intricate design #paper #papercrafts #papercutting #patternsinpaper #cuttingout Yesterday’s #TheJanuaryChallenge making something from just one piece of paper #64MillionArtists Day 11. I had just made myself my very first soy cappuccino when I read the challenge. And here it is. Oh and that's sugar free banana bread next to it. Apologies for yesterdays challenge #10. My hands arent working well just now. But Ive taken a picture of what I make from paper dots from a hole punch. Once assembled they're painted with acrylic paints. Ideal for ANY craft. I use mine in miniature gardens. I also make foxgloves . Hollyhocks and daffodils. Paper Party Day 10 #64millionartists #thejanuarychallenge @64M_Artists not a conscious decision unfortunately #do something different included keeping my knee supports on beyond the walk in PT. What a revelation #willdoitagain #TheJanuaryChallenge #64MillionArtists Something new.......my new jumper. Quite pleased with it - we went to the Orkneys earlier this year and I was admiring their Icelandic style jumpers but they were very expensive - this lookalikey was dirt cheap off Ebay - yes it's only acrylic - but I'm a poor artist - lol! - it links to the earlier challenge as this is just the sort of jumper I would have designed. Yeah, it's a bit lame as a response to the challenge - off out to an exhibition ....of knitted chuches, later so maybe I'll be in"SPIRE"d ! Decided to do gesture drawing for day 9. Dancing Artists #thejanuarychallenge #64millionartists New Year New Me Drawing in Virtual Reality - shifting perspectives day of workshops seminars experimentation #FabLab #TheJanuaryChallenge # @WLV_Arts #64MillionArtists #drawingprojects #fineart #urbanhax Day 10: one page of A4. I am back at work now so time has evaporated, I decided rather than get stressed about it I will post when I can and be OK about that (not in my nature so it's a challenge in itself!). I loved having a constraint and thinking about one page of A4. Others have been doing some amazing things so I'm also trying not to compare myself. I made a mini hex book of some of my contributions so far and used it as a little personal celebration :) #64millionartists #day11 #newventure #newplace so today I decided to not go into my usual haunt of costa whilst I read my book, but instead decided to spend my hour reading in my local library where I got myself cosy with a cappuccino. I also picked a seat which i didnt know was next to the mind,body,spirit section. Hurray! #supportyourlocallibrary @64millionartists #newhabit @64M_Artists @elaru #64MillionArtists #TheJanuaryChallenge Day Eleven-something new..? Yday's paper task from @64M_Artists #TheJanuaryChallenge. We asked Cody for ideas & he made an origami dog face to give to @PetsAsTherapyUK pooch Brinkley! We also made telephone cups that doubled up as hats (all done with beautiful singing by @Stacca #VocalBeats ) Day 10: starting with 1 sheet of A4, a little bit of modification (pattern, size, folding), and it's artistic, (semi) practical, fully compliant with... #TheJanuaryChallenge #64MillionArtists Day 11..new year new me... From this to this yesterday... Plus... In the background... Another new me... My first ever solo exhibition... Setting up yesterday... Preview Friday... Yipes #64Millionartists #TheJanuaryChallenge-Day Eleven: Try something new.. I think I might have just asked someone out a date.. ..I mean, what can go wrong..? Day 10...paper party... As a "women of a certain age", I find myself doing this to bits of paper quite often Day 9, 1 sheet of A4... Nothing is straightforward, not when it's me & art. Had to convert the paper to US measurements, proportionally, & then - eventually - it made sense: a secret note square!