National Insect Week - Family Bug Crafts Make a glove spider This is a bit like a wolf spider, have you seen any spiders? #HertsBugWatch #HYOC2020 #LoveLibraries #LoveHertsLibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64MillionArtists #YourLibraryOnline #CreativeQuarantine #NIW2020 National Insect Week - Family Bug Crafts Make a fold-over splat butterfly This is an Orange Tip Butterfly Have you seen any butterflies? #HertsBugWatch #HYOC2020 #LoveLibraries #LoveHertsLibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64MillionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #NIW2020 Safe at home? Try our daily Creative Challenge Make a ladybird corner bookmark #Hyoc2020 #Lovelibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64millionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YourLibraryOnline National Insect Week - Family Bug Crafts Make a nature frame from cardboard to look through and take photographs #HertsBugWatch #HYOC2020 #LoveLibraries #LoveHertsLibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64MillionArtists #YourLibraryOnline #CreativeQuarantine #NIW2020 Safe at home? Try our daily Creative Challenge Make a ribbon wreath by knotting scraps of ribbon around a hoop #Hyoc2020 #Lovelibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64millionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YourLibraryOnline National Insect Week Family Bug Crafts Fingerprint some ants These are Black Garden Ants Have you seen any ants marching in a line? #HertsBugWatch #HYOC2020 #LoveLibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64MillionArtists #YourLibraryOnline #CreativeQuarantine National Insect Week Family Bug Crafts Paint a stone ladybird This is a Seven Spot Ladybird Have you seen any ladybirds? #HertsBugWatch #HYOC2020 #LoveLibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64MillionArtists #YourLibraryOnline #CreativeQuarantine Zoom meet up to celebrate this week's challenge! Join 64 Million Artists and Adam on zoom on Friday lunchtime to share your challenges (or simply to listen along!) - let's celebrate! Friday 26th June - 1-1.30 pm https://zoom.us/j/96337509329?pwd=TkFFNE42QXhXN3g4dFJQMjdHZ05udz09 Meeting ID: 963 3750 9329 Password: PRIDE The Weekly Challenge, 22nd June 2020 - Token of Love The month of June is Pride month! Pride is a global celebration of the LGBTQ+ community, and a chance to come together in love and friendship. As well as being a month long celebration, Pride month is also an opportunity to peacefully protest and raise political awareness of issues facing the community. It is an opportunity to challenge intolerance in the past and present and pave the way for the future. This week’s challenge comes from Adam Ali Gseebat, who is a British Libyan writer and actor. Create your Token of Love. This week’s challenge is your chance to celebrate somebody in the LGBTQ+ community. They might be somebody that you know - somebody you go to school or work with, somebody in your family, or a friend. It might even be yourself! Or, they might be somebody you don’t know, but you admire. You could do some research to help you - they might be a historical figure, a politician, an activist or a celebrity. Celebrate in your own way! You could write a poem about them, sketch them, learn about them, share their stories and look for more. The way you celebrate is up to you. What does it mean to support LGBTQ+ Pride? Full challenge: https://mailchi.mp/64millionartists.com/the-weekly-challenge-22nd-june-2020 Have fun, let's get creative. Safe at home? Try our daily Creative Challenge Write a knock knock job #Hyoc2020 #Lovelibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64millionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YourLibraryOnline Safe at home? Try our daily Creative Challenge Make some crochet 'paper chains'. Thanks to Myra for this make #Hyoc2020 #Lovelibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64millionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YourLibraryOnline Safe at home? Try our daily Creative Challenge Decorate a bag with woven roses #Hyoc2020 #Lovelibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64millionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YourLibraryOnline This week's challenge from A Line Art @annabruder is to create your very own mini golf circuit. Love this from Catherine in our Facebook group - the miniest of all mini golfs! #TheWeeklyChallenge #64MillionArtists Safe at home? Try our daily Creative Challenge Make an origami fish Thank you to Benoit for this idea #Hyoc2020 #Lovelibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64millionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YourLibraryOnline Safe at home? Try our daily Creative Challenge Make a journal from a single sheet of paper Thanks to Nancy for this idea #Hyoc2020 #Lovelibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64millionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YourLibraryOnline youtu.be/uLO7KfzMpac Mini Golf #MondayChallenge how to play golf inside and related to on screen life #64millionartists #creativity #imagination #covid19residency Safe at home? Try our daily Creative Challenge Make a hair scrunchie. Cut fabric 55cm by 90cm. Cut elastic 23cm. Many thanks to Caroline for this idea. #Hyoc2020 #Lovelibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64millionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YourLibraryOnline The Weekly Challenge, 15th June 2020 - Mini Golf! Find this week's full challenge here! https://mailchi.mp/64millionartists.com/the-weekly-challenge-15th-june-2020 Artist Anna Bruder and Poet Arji Manuelpillai run an interactive theatre and art company called A Line Art which specialises in immersive creative events for children, young people and their families. Their main aim is to inspire and encourage creative play - anywhere and everywhere! Thank you to their 7 year old friend Eeshan for suggesting this week’s activity. Check out Anna and Arji’s Broom cupboard! There will be new BSL interpreted episodes coming each week, starting today! Here is this week's: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzJjTAKPkKk&feature=youtu.be Do Create your own mini golf course to play at home, in the park, or wherever you like… To make your golf course, you can download and print the templates from A Line Art here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1al_bsNgTTPdHg-kQZcfplNlChoLuuCTL - or be inspired by the images below, or create your own version! Have some fun - bring mini golf to you! You will need some card (an old box or cereal box would work brilliantly), some scissors and something to decorate with like pens or crayons. Make your golf ball out of scrunched up scrap paper, and make your golf club stronger with sticks or a double layer of cardboard. How else could you create mini golf at home? Could you use a chopstick and peas? Could you use an umbrella and an orange?! Have fun and get creative! Let's play... Safe at home? Try our daily Creative Challenge Write a cinquain poem. The lines should be 2,4,6,8, 2 syllables. (lambic pentameter if possible, i.e stress on even numbered syllables!) #Hyoc2020 #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64millionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YourLibraryOnline Safe at home? Try our daily Creative Challenge Play a clapping game #Hyoc2020 #Lovelibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64millionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YourLibraryOnline Safe at home? Try our daily Creative Challenge Make some triangular bunting #Hyoc2020 #Lovelibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64millionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YourLibraryOnline Safe at home? Try our daily Creative Challenge Make a LEGO stand for your tablet or smartphone #Hyoc2020 #Lovelibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64millionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YourLibraryOnline Safe at home? Try our daily Creative Challenge Take a photo of something from an unusual angle. Post it here so we can guess what it is! #Hyoc2020 #Lovelibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64millionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YourLibraryOnline #MondayChallenge Acanthus seeds in their husks collected and curated as nature's bounty #64millionartists #gardens #collecting #plants Safe at home? Try our daily Creative Challenge Make some safety pin jewellery with beads #Hyoc2020 #Lovelibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64millionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YourLibraryOnline Safe at home? Try our daily Creative Challenge Make a colour wheel composition. Use mainly tones of one colour, with a little touch of the opposite colour on the wheel to make the composition 'pop'. #Hyoc2020 #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64millionArtists The Weekly Challenge - Connecting Nature! @LIFEbeatUK (https://lifebeat.uk/) is a charity that provides training for teachers and youth workers as well as creative residential programmes for 14 to 18-year-olds. They believe that the voice of every young person counts and that a creative approach to wellbeing can transform a young person's life, allowing them to find their unique talents and passion in the world. This week they’re inviting us to connect with nature, recognising its beauty and diversity whilst noticing its influence on our mood and wellbeing. Create a mandala using natural objects such as flowers, stones and leaves to symbolise your connection with yourself and with the natural world. A mandala is usually a geometric design or circular pattern that is organised around a single, central point. In different spiritual traditions, they have been used to focus attention. Think about the different colours, textures and designs of each element and how they interact with each other to create the bigger picture. What story can you create with your patterns? How can the process of building your mandala feel calming and reflective? How does the mandala you have created reflect something of you and who you are? Full challenge: https://mailchi.mp/64millionartists.com/the-weekly-challenge-8th-june-2020 Have fun, and get creative! Safe at home? Try our daily Creative Challenge Write a Kenning riddle poem #Hyoc2020 #Lovelibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64millionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YourLibraryOnline Safe at home? Try our daily Creative Challenge Play hopscotch #Hyoc2020 #Lovelibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64millionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YourLibraryOnline Safe at home? Try our daily Creative Challenge Make a Kusudama Flower #Hyoc2020 #Lovelibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64millionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YourLibraryOnline youtu.be/DRc8gideLuY Safe at home? Try our daily Creative Challenge Make a tissue flower #Hyoc2020 #Lovelibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64millionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YourLibraryOnline Safe at home? Try our daily Creative Challenge Make a button picture. Thank you to Emma for this beautiful make. #Hyoc2020 #Lovelibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64millionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YourLibraryOnline Safe at home? Try our daily Creative Challenge Create a photo montage. Thank you to Kevin for this make. #Hyoc2020 #Lovelibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64millionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YourLibraryOnline Safe at home? Try our daily Creative Challenge Play 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' #Hyoc2020 #Lovelibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64millionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YourLibraryOnline 'Playful Plays' two minute play 'Don't Shout' #isolation #sociallydistancing #64millionartists #language #glossaryofterms #desperatefox The Weekly Challenge - 1st June 2020! We’ve created our way through May, and now The Weekly Challenge is back! Sign up to receive the emails at dothinkshare.com/sign-up. @degeneratefoxUK are a London based theatre company who do things quickly! ‘The Dirty Thirty' is a collection of thirty original plays which they perform in an hour - and this week’s challenge is your chance to learn about, and practice their speedy style. Starting today, they are releasing a playwriting activity every day for 7 days. The programme will offer you the tools and ideas to create in a new way, and will leave you with a number of original 2-minute plays after 7 days! You can sign up for more, more, more here: https://degeneratefox.co.uk/ Create your own two minute play. Be playful with your play - you can use whichever setting or inspiration you like. Degenerate Fox use certain ingredients to help them start their plays. Could you start with gesture or shape? Could you write a list of the things that you can see, and include all of the words in your play? Think of a new way you might move through a room. What is it like to move like that? Have fun with it and see what happens. Perhaps you could even write your play in just two minutes…! Have fun! You've got all week - have fun! Safe at home? Try our daily Creative Challenge Have a colour themed day: Wear it, eat it, look for it in the house, the garden and when out for your exercise walk! #Hyoc2020 #Lovelibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64millionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YourLibraryOnline 'Make Your Mark' how to make winterwanderland love the annual exhibition of art still there for our joy in evening rambles #isolation #DIY #cityrambles #windowart #64millionartists #CreateToConnect Create to Connect - Day 31! ❤️ Find the full challenge here: https://mailchi.mp/64millionartists/create-to-connect-31st-may-2020-day-31 Day 31! We’ve come to the end of #CreateToConnect - 31 days of challenges to keep us connected, curious and creative at home. We’ve created to connect with ourselves, our thoughts and feelings, with people that we know, and with people that we don’t know. Whether you did thirty one challenges or just the one, you’re a part of Create To Connect and you did it! The last challenge of the month is set by the team at 64 Million Artists and we want to give you a chance to celebrate. So on your marks, get set… Make Your Mark! Celebrate your everyday creativity, and find a way to make your mark in your local area. What does your creativity mean to you? How could you capture that and spread the word? Look back over the challenges you’ve done so far, could you make a pop-up display in your window, at a bus stop, share a collage online? Could you kickstart a creative outburst in your local area and design and set somebody else a challenge? Could you pin an encouraging note, or leave a creative invitation somewhere for someone to find? Make your mark, and keep the ball of creativity rolling. Here's a reminder of Fran's amazing bus stop gallery! How could you Make your Mark? Let’s #CreateToConnect! We’ve come to the end of #CreateToConnect - 31 days of challenges to keep us connected & creative at home. Whether you did 1 or 31 challenges, you’re a part of Create To Connect! The last challenge is set by us at #64MillionArtists -on your marks, get set… Make Your Mark! Safe at home? Try our daily Creative Challenge Design a shoe (first draw the template and then embellish it) #Hyoc2020 #Lovelibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64millionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YourLibraryOnline Create to Connect, Day 30! Today’s challenge is set by Phoebe, a mental health nurse. Recovery is at the heart of all the work on her ward, and this drawing exercise is a fun and creative way to reflect on what nourishes us and gives us strength. Sketch the outline of tree. It can look however you would like it to look. Add the words, colours and details that symbolise you and your life. For instance, the roots could represent where you come from, the trunk could show your strengths and resources, the branches could stand for the people who are important to you. The fruits could be gifts that you’ve received or that you have to offer. Anything goes! You could look back on your whole life, or choose a particular part - your journey through school, work, family life, or even through May... Full challenge: https://mailchi.mp/64millionartists/create-to-connect-30th-may-2020-day-30 Let's #CreateToConnect Safe at home? Try our daily Creative Challenge Write a 2 metre long social distancing poem #Hyoc2020 #Lovelibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64millionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YourLibraryOnline Create to Connect - Day 29! Tender (http://www.tender.org.uk/) is an education and arts charity committed to preventing domestic abuse. They deliver healthy relationship programmes to young people, providing the opportunity to learn about relationships and identify where to seek support. The #10WordLoveStories campaign is designed to keep connected with children and young people online, and to continue to deliver their message: Acting to end abuse. Write a love story in 10 words! Who do we meet? What do we learn? How much love can you squeeze into just 10 words? Your love story could be about anything - from a message of love, to a celebration of love, to your love for your lockdown hair-do... #10ForTender #10WordLoveStories Tender are fundraising to help them continue to empower thousands of young people to have healthy relationships and stay safe. Find out how to donate to Tender, and fundraise using your #10WordLoveStories here: https://justgiving.com/campaign/10WordLoveStories Full challenge here: https://mailchi.mp/64millionartists/create-to-connect-29th-may-2020-day-29 Let's #CreatetoConnect 'Never Mind the Weather' dappled sunlight under the Tree of Idleness as described in Lawrence Durrell's Bitter Lemons sipping coffee Sunnyside up #reflection #isolation #postponed #CreateToConnect #64millionartists Day 28 - My Internal Weather #CreateToConnect #64MillionArtists Safe at home? Try our daily Creative Challenge Make a plant pot holder from a cut down plastic bottle. Many thanks to Helen for this make. #Hyoc2020 #Lovelibraries #HertsMyCreativeCounty #64millionArtists #CreativeQuarantine #YourLibraryOnline Create to Connect - Day 28 Today’s challenge comes from artist and curator Aidan Moesby, who explores climate change and mental health using installations and performance. “I like to use metaphors in my work, particularly things around the natural world and especially the weather. Think about how you are feeling and try and express it in metaphor.” Can you represent the way that you are feeling today using a metaphor? Like Aidan, you might be inspired by the natural world - what is your internal weather forecast? Are you calm or stormy? Are you feeling like snow, ice, wind, clouds or rainbows? Or, are you a tall strong flower, a mountain or a meadow? Capture your metaphor using any medium you like - drawing, painting, photography, poetry, collage - whatever you want to play with today. Find today's full challenge here: https://mailchi.mp/64millionartists/create-to-connect-28th-may-2020-day-28 Let's #CreateToConnect!