#TheJanuaryChallenge @64M_Artists will we still be drinking expensive coffee 100 years from now? #thejanuarychallenge Day 5.. felt initially depressed by commercialism then hope for the future (babies), inspired by creativity (janchall) and remembered sun will always rise.. #thejanuarychallenge #day5 select a series of photos for a time capsule to show what life was like 100 years ago. Started the day in Westfield Shopping Centre and felt pretty bleak about life now - the sign 'make nothing happen' seemed to sum it up. But then I scrolled through my phone and saw all the awesome babies I know who might still be alive, all the amazing creativity the January Challenge has prompted and remembered that the sun will always rise. And I felt better about the future... Get Creative this New Year @64M_Artists January Challenge for 2018. Starts 1st January. Every day of the month you’ll receive a new creative challenge! See you there. http://www.dothinkshare.com/sign-up #TheJanuaryChallenge @LibrariesWest 100 Years Later - Day 5 - #thejanuarychallenge Here's my rather sombre image to represent life today to people in 2118. Addiction to technology and increasing frustration and anxiety with it. (Actually my 13 yr old nephew dropped it but for a brief moment I was happy). #64millionartists Day 5: 100 Years later. Not my photo but important collection of photos to show shifting views on what it is to be a girl. We’ve come so far, let’s hope we achieve all there is left to achieve. #TheJanuaryChallenge #64MillionArtists #strongisthenewpretty http://blog.katetparkerphotography.com/2014/03/29/strong-is-the-new-pretty/ #TheJanuaryChallenge #64MillionArtists @64M_Artists 100 years from now, what wildlife will be left? This was completed by one of our senior staff at Hemel Hempstead library. Naomi Carr used items from handbag, recent pictures and some artwork from her son Jasper to depict 2018. Day 5 - 100 years later, images to include in a time capsule #thejanuarychallenge #64millionartists. I'd put these images in a time capsule as a reminder of how important art is in 2017/18. Public art, painting, sculpture, festivals and most importantly encouraging others to be creative. In 100 years I hope that we all have the time to take part in making art and appreciating artwork created by others. #art #makearthappen #becreative 2018 is my 60th year.....what better way to start! Day 5 #TheJanuaryChallenge #64MillionArtists TIME CAPSULE Getting creative at #Haslingden as part of #TheJanuaryChallenge with @64M_Artists Here's 5 faces and some fantastic castles. Here are just some of the pictures that we'd like to put in a time capsule. Join in with @64M_Artists' #TheJanuaryChallenge to get your creative juices flowing! #ThisIsRedbridge #mylocalculture Ok, so the challenge said build a castle @64millionartists for #thejanuarychallenge but it was 9:30pm and I was watching tv so I drew my castle and based it on a Fatephur Sikhri type place with architecture from all over the world The humdrum extra-ordinariness of celebrating Christmas and new year 2017/18: the tree, a messy kitchen post-feast, vacuuming, and down time. #TheJanuaryChallenge #timecapsule #64MillionArtists A slightly strange one for day 5 100 Years later topic for @64millionartists . For my other half’s birthday we went to York and saw buildings that have been standing for well over 100 years and I hope they stand for another century. Second we went to see Depeche Mode in London. I loved the marching boots on the screen as they played Revolution. During that concert was the incident towards the south of the city. I hope it’s safer 100 years later. #64millionartists #thejanuarychallenge #depechemode #york #age #64millionartists #TheJanuaryChallenge Sadly this image - either (hopefully) to show what we almost did, or (more likely) to show what we let happen. Image from http://www.chrisjordan.com/gallery/midway/#about