#thejanuarychallenge #64millionartists #day5 #challenge the future started here #3dprinting #100yearslater #timecapsule #ultimaker #3d #64millionartists #thejanuarychallenge #day5100yearslater My time capsule captures my life as a single Mum to a 12 year old boy and things that are important in our life right now.#pokemon #batim #bendyandtheinkmachine #minecraft #youtube #dantdm #geocaching #csr2 #instagram #northwales #seaside @64millionartists #thejanuarychallenge Day 5: 100 Years Later. I have chosen to put a photo (and this item) into a time capsule. In case you’re wondering, this is a selfie light. I hope that 100 years from now, we will have stopped creating generations of people so consumed by society’s notion of perfection, that they can longer accept how they look to themselves and others without tools to add filters or enhance and distort the lighting first. Day 5: look how clean and tidy my cupboard is. Remind me to clean it again in another 100 years. Also, stockpiling non-perishable items for an impending nuclear war! #TheJanuaryChallenge #timecapsule @64M_Artists My image for 100 yrs. The day Sunderland won the FA Cup in 1973. #TheJanuaryChallenge @SunderlandAFC #Day5 of #TheJanuaryChallenge choose photos to show in 100yrs to represent life now: "100 years ago, humans built walls to separate themselves from each other because they forgot they were all connected. Humans were silly. We have evolved." #64MillionArtists @64M_Artists Day 5 of #TheJanuaryChallenge #64millionartists 100 yrs later...capture an image series you'd want to put in a time capsule...Gotta add the pupperooni of course. I wonder what people would say opening this capsule in 100 yrs #thejanuarychallenge : 100 years later - capture an image I'd want to put into a time capsule, so people living in 2118 can look back and see what life was like 100 years ago. I've chosen to take a picture of some paper maps. I think paper maps are already becoming obsolete, but at least people still know what they are, and some of us even remember how to use them (in theory at least - I am not claiming to be a good map reader!). But in 100 years time, who knows what tech-based functionality we will be using to direct us from one place to another? I hope that maps, like vinyl and books, will experience a resurgence, not least because they are also extremely beautiful - look at the way the OS have allowed the coastline to wander over the map edge slightly. And swipe to see bits of the key! #maps #maps #vintagemaps #ordnancesurvey #os #osmaps #landrangermap #outdoorleisuremap #coastline #maplover #lovemaps Day 5 - Wasn't going to do sth else related to @wemadethishull, but... To show that even in these dire times, people sometimes would still unite to create something beautiful, for no greater reward than to see a smile on someone's face. #64MillionArtists #TheJanuaryChallenge I love writing with pen and ink but text are so quick to just say hi :) @64M_Artists - capture an image or a series of images that you'd want to put into a time capsule to be discovered 100 years from now - it has to be bees #TheJanuaryChallenge #64MillionArtists. : @karolynnehart Day 5 - 100 years later, images to include in a time capsule #thejanuarychallenge #64millionartists. I’d put these images in a time capsule as a reminder of how important art is in 2017/18. Public art, painting, sculpture, festivals and most importantly encouraging others to be creative. In 100 years I hope that we all have the time to take part in making art and appreciating artwork created by others. #art #makearthappen #becreative #thejanuarychallenge #64millionartists @64millionartists day 5.... an image for 2117.. my hope is that in 100yrs there will still be lane and tracks that can only be explored on foot, that there will be wild places and wild waters to swim in. #sallysshed If we made a time capsule to be opened in 200 years @64M_Artists #TheJanuaryChallenge Day5 Y4 are on a roll If we made a time capsule... @64M_Artists #TheJanuaryChallenge Day 5. 4S are on a roll. What would we put in a time capsule for 100 years? What would you like to put in a time capsule for people to discover in 100 years? Day 5 of #thejanuarychallenge.... well marmite of course ✌️Laura @64millionartists @64M_Artists #TheJanuaryChallenge Day5 In a 100 years time that's tell them that in 2017, 200,00 children will rely on a food parcel to eat I would put this photo in a time capsule, so in 100 years people would still remember that it used to snow in the UK - (fears of global warming) - Could this be a reality? #64millionartists #thejanuarychallenge